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Original WW2 Fleet Air Arm / Royal Navy Chief Petty Officers Peaked Cap

A lovely original Royal Navy Chief Petty Officers Cap as worn in the Fleet Air Arm during the Second World War.

This cap is genuine period example featuring a green underside to the peak, a quilted lining and a narrow chin strap which are all features usually associated with pre-war or early-war peaked caps.

The cap features an original cap badge with a kings crown. There is a small amount of damage to the badge around the left hand side of the wreath. Aside from this it is in good shape.

The overall condition of the cap is extremely good and if it has been issued at any point then it has only had light wear. The black wool is in excellent condition with no signs of damage, the interior and leather sweatband are very clean, the peak is good and both the original cloth covered buttons which hold the chinstrap on are intact. The mohair band is also good but there are a couple of plucked areas each side of the cap badge. Please study the photos.

The cap is a size 6 7/8 as is stated on the original label inside the leather sweatband. It also states 'Sanders & Brightman' of Luton as the maker.

All in all, a lovely original wartime Royal Navy CPO hat which would be ideal for the re-enactor or collector.

Code: 50421Price: 65.00 GBP

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Beautiful Original RAF Pilots Wings - Flat Type

A beautiful set of original flat type RAF Pilots wings as worn by pilots throughout the Second World War.

This type of wing was worn by NCO Pilots on both their OA Service Dress uniform as well as the later Suits Aircrew and War Service Dress uniform. They are also found on officers uniforms, usually on Battledress.

This authentic wing is a lovely example which is in A1 condition, as can be seen in the photographs. The silk of the wigs is perfect as is the Black felt border.

An excellent wing which would make an excellent addition to a period uniform or RAF badge display.

Free UK P+P.

Code: 50420Price: 55.00 GBP

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Original 1950s RAF Officers Cap Badge

A nice original post 1953 RAF Officers cap badge as worn on the peaked cap.

This example features a nice pronounced point to the crown giving it an early look and certainly dates to the 1950s making it ideal for the early jet age collector.

The badge is in good condition but there is some wear to the red velvet on the crown and a small section of the Black felt is missing from the bottom right hand corner of the badge.

Overall a very nice early post war badge which would make an excellent addition to a period cap or badge display.

Free UK P+P

Code: 50419Price: 20.00 GBP

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Original WW2 Era RAF Rayon Scarf

A beautiful original WW2 period RAF rayon scarf as worn by aircrew throughout the conflict.

This type of scarf is now synonymous with the Fighter Pilots of the Battle of Britain who wore them for flying. This particular example is made from a rayon fabric which was very the fabric of choice for this style of scarf after silk, and probably more common to find than silk.

The material and construction of the scarf are all correct for the 1940s but as there are no labels or similar I can't prove the exact age of the scarf. It is possible that it is pre-war as these scarfs were popular at the point but it may also be post-war. If it is the later, it can't be much later as man made fabrics like terylene became popular and replaced this type of scarf in the 1950s.

The scarf is made up from the RAF colours of red, white and navy blue which are all still a full and deep shade.

The scarf is in excellent condition as can be seen in the pictures and it displays very well. It would look excellent on a mannequin or could be used for Re-enactment purposes.

A truly beautiful original scarf which has survived the passage of time incredibly well. This would be a splendid addition to any RAF collection without s dout.

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Original WW2 USAAF Summer Flying Helmet A-NH-15 + ANB-H-1 Receivers - Extra Large!

An original USSAF A-NH-15 Summer Flying Helmet in an extra large size complete with a set of ANB-H-1 receivers and wiring all in excellent condition.

This pattern of helmet came into use with the American Air Force in April of 1943 and was used in both the Pacific Theatre and in Europe. The canvas construction was suited to the summer months and there are many pictures of pilots using these in both campaigns.

This particular example is an extra large size which is stated on the original label inside the helmet. The label also states Bates Shoe Co. as the manufacturer. There is also a bates army navy stamp inside the helmet.

The helmet is fitted with an original set of ANB-H-1 receivers and wiring which are all in excellent condition. The plastic cups which fit into the donuts have not been fitted but are included with the helmet. These aren't needed necessarily as the helmet displays fine without them. The wiring is fitted with a red PL-345 jacket plug.

All the pop studs are in good condition as is the chinstrap. An original oxygen mask clip is fitted to the right hand cheek as well.

Overall, an excellent original example of the American flying helmet in the largest size made during the war. This would look great in any flying helmet or USAAF collection!

Code: 50417Price: 185.00 GBP

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Original WW2 USAAF B8 Polaroid Flying Goggles, Box and Spare Lenses

An original pair of USAAF B8 Polaroid Flying Goggles complete with their original box, spare lenses and spare lenses wallet.

This pair of original goggles were made by the 'Polaroid Corporation' who were the most prolific manufacture of this pattern of goggles.

The goggles themselves are marked 'Flying Goggle, A.A.F Type B8' to the top of the rubber frame and are in good overall condition. The rubber frame is good as is the chamois backing which only has light soiling. The elastic strap has sadly lost nearly all of its elasticity and is in bad shape generally speaking. It does however still display fine and keep the goggles on the helmet when displayed.

The original box is in good condition but far from perfect. It has various scuffs and marks consummate with its age and one corner is a little bent out of shape.

There are also a number of spare lenses included with these goggles which come complete in their original cotton case which is in excellent condition. There is no soiling to the exterior of the fabric, the text is still very clear and the pop stud works well. The lenses themselves are in reasonable condition but do show some signs of age and are a little warped as is common.

A good solid original set of wartime goggles complete with their original case and spares lenses which display well.

Code: 50416Price: 95.00 GBP

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Original 1966 Dated RAF G Type Flying Helmet - Large Size 4 + Battle of Britain History

This original large size No.4 G-Type Flying Gelemt belonged to John Humphrey Charlesworth Sykes who was a Fleet Air Arm pilot attached officially to the RAF on 29th June 1940. On the 8th of July he joined No.64 Squadron where he flew Spitfires from RAF Kenley.

Sykes was the posted to 807 (FAA) Squadron which was posted to Dekheila in Egypt in November 1940 and flew on operations in the Western Desert. He was later with 806 Squadron in Ceylon and took part in the Madagascar landings in HMS Indomitable.

He served as Air Gunnery Officer in Coimbatore, India in 1944, at RNAS Nowra in 1948, at the RAN Carrier School at HMS Albatross in 1949, at Yeovilton in 1952 and finally at HMS Centaur.

He retired on 29th July 1958 as a Lieutenant Commander and it would have been this later stage of his career when he used this particular flying helmet.

This helmet comes complete with all of its original wiring, headphone receivers, ear donuts and oxygen mask clip

The flying helmet still retains its original label to the interior which states the helmet as being made in 1955 and a size 4 - the largest size produced. The label also has the original owners name marked on it in ink. He has also written his name in both ears of the flying helmet.

This large size helmet is in good condition for its age but has clearly been worn showing sweat staining around the upper section of the helmet. It has clearly been well looked after however and displays very well indeed.

The last picture is of the original owner of the helmet himself, John Sykes, around the time of the Battle of Britain.

All in all, a lovely and very complete example of a G-type flying helmet with Battle of Britain related history. This would undoubtedly compliment and RAF collection!

Code: 50411Price: 75.00 GBP

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Original Rare RAF Ordinary Airmanís Shirt + Collar

A rare original RAF Ordinary Airman's full button shirt often referred to as 'Canadian Pattern' in excellent condition.

These full button examples were used during the Second World War by men of the Royal Canadian Air Force rather than the half button front type which were used by the RAF. This could be a wartime example or more likely post-war as the RAF changed to this style in the immediate post-war years. Either way, it is still a rare shirt to find today and this one is an exceptional example.

These Ordinary Airman's shirts are noticeably different to the Officers versions which are more commonly found on the market as they are a much darker shade of blue. This is the correct shirt to match a uniform of any RAF airman of the rank of Flight Sergeant and below.

The shirt comes with one original and matching RAF OA collar which bares the 22b contract number and is marked as a size 14 1/2. The other side of the collar also has the original owners serial number stamped onto it.

The shirt is in excellent condition and has clearly been well looked after and only had very limited wear. There is no damage to the shirt, all the buttons are intact and it hasn't had its deep blue colour washed out.

The shirt is a small chest size of roughly a 38" chest.

A lovely original shirt in excellent condition which would be hard to better!

Code: 50414Price: 90.00 GBP

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Original WW2 RAF Officers Service Dress Cap by 'Burberrys'

A beautiful mid-late War example of an RAF officers peaked cap which would be ideal for a Bomber Command, Second Tactical Air Force or similar display.

The cap is made by 'Burberrys' as can be identified by the interior label. The cap features light coloured stitching which is often sought after by collectors and certainly makes for an attractive cap.

The mohair band is in very good condition as are both the cloth covered chinstrap buttons. The bullion badge is an excellent example as can be seen in the pictures and is almost certainly original to the cap.

The cap is around about a size 7 so will fit most standard size display heads.

Inside the cap the leather headband is still intact and in good condition. The band is marked W.J.H Kevern and to the back it is marked F/O Kevern. There is also another name which has been covered, possibly a previous owner?

The overall condition of the hat is very good indeed with no damage or mothing what-so-ever. It displays exceptionally well and would be hard to better. The only slight problem with the cap is some damage to the lining, although this is purely cosmetic.

Overall, a truly stunning wartime cap which would compliment any RAF collection without a doubt.

Code: 50412Price: 180.00 GBP

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Original WW2 Era RAF MK VIII Flying Goggles

An original pair of MK VIII RAF Flying goggles in good condition with the larger leather padding often associated with early MK VIII Goggles.

The MK VIII goggles are arguably the most iconic of all RAF goggles, coming into service during 1943 and stay in use with the RAF until the 1960s.

These goggles are in great shape for their age as can be seen in the photographs. The large leather pads are in good condition and all the stitching appears to be strong all round apart from a section around the nose piece on each side where it has come about slightly on each side.

The elastic strap is good and still retains some of its elasticity and isnít too worn and stretched like many offered on the market. The metal adjuster has corroded slightly but both the leather pull tabs are still intact and in good condition.

The strap bares an RAF 22C ink stamp which I have only seen on one other strap previously and certainly is a very nice feature.

The brass frames are in good condition and retain most of their original blue paint. The chamois backing of the goggles is OK but does show some signs of wears and also some mildew. This has been taken into account when pricing these goggles. The tapes between the two eye pads are also in good condition and the lenses are very good but with only slight signs of delamination.

An excellent original pair of WW2 RAF goggles in great condition and they would make an excellent display piece without a doubt.

Code: 50413Price: 100.00 GBP

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