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Blighty Militaria will be at War and Peace!

From the 23-27th of July Blighty Militaria will be at the War and Peace revival at the Hop Farm in Kent.

You can find us at stall E3 with a wide range of items including items from the website, our Etsy shop and much, much more stock which is no available online!

I've attached some pictures of last years stall as well as a map of our exact location.

We look forward to seeing old friends and making some new ones too!

Code: 50950Price: On Request

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Orignial French 1950s Lizard Camouflage Trousers

An original pair of French Lizard Camouflaged trousers made in Lavaur and dating from the 1950s.

Lizard Camo came into use with the French forces in the post-war period and saw use in the Algerian War and in Indochina. It is often associated with Paratroopers and the Foreign legion and the pattern is indeed heavily influenced by the Denison Smock design used during the Second World War.

The trousers feature a button fly, hip pockets and cargo pockets to each leg. The leg itself looks to have been tailored in for a more close fitting look and would have been done by the solider who original owned them. This kind of modification is typical.

This particular pair were made in Lavaur near Toulouse in the south of France as can be seen by the makers stamp in the waistband. As well as this there is another white label which refers to size.

When laid flat the trousers measure -

Waist - 15"
Inside leg - 29 1/2"
Rise - 12"
Seat - 15 1/2"

The condition of the trousers is good considering they have been issued. There doesn't appear to be any major issues but please study the photographs as these form part of the description.

All in all a nice pair of trousers in good shape. A must have for the camouflage collector!

Code: 50949Price: 70.00 GBP

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Original WW2 ATS Overall Wrap Dress

An original Second World War Auxiliary Territorial Service coverall, officially designated 'Overalls, Women Workers, A.T.S' dating from around about 1942.

This pattern made from denim was seen in the mid-war period. It features brass buttons and the original label which is sadly washed out. As well as this it features the War Department broad arrow stamp. This is usually surmounted by a letter which denotes the year of manufacture although this example does not. This is often found in early war items and another good indicator to its early war origins.

When laid flat the overall measures at

Chest - 19"
Inside arm - 19"
Outside arm - 23 1/2"
Length - 48"

The coverall is in good condition as can be seen in the pictures and it displays well. It is 75+ years old however so may have wear or age consummate with this. It comes with its original waist belt.

All in all a nice original piece of early war ATS kit in good condition.

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Original 1940 Dated Khaki Drill Tunic

Am original British made Khaki Drill Tunic clearly dated 1940.

This pattern of tunic was used in the early part of the Second World War by various British troops including the British Army and the Royal Air Force. It was designed so that any regimental buttons could be worn and removed for washing.

The jacket retains its original label to the interior. It is the wax paper type usually found on early war British items and reads 'Khaki Drill. Jacket No.2 (Green) O.R. Except Scottish Regiments' at the top. The 'green' in brackets has always been somewhat of a mystery to collectors! It also states the size as No.5 which will fit around a 36-37" chest. The manufactures name 'J. Compton, Sons & Webb Ltd, London' can be found towards the bottom of the label as well as the War Department broad arrow marking. Finally, there is a purple issue stamp which reads 'Aug 1940' meaning it would have been made before this date.

As well as the label the tunic also retains its original War Department ink stamp which is surmounted by the letter 'Q' which denotes 1940 as the year of issue.

The tunic has the original owners name added in ink to the interior. It reads 'Pennington' and suggests that the tunic was issued, even though it does not appear to have seen much, if any wear. The overall condition is therefore very good but there are a few issues, possibly from storage. These are clearly shown in the photographs so please take the time to study them.

Altogether a nice original tunic with a clear early war date. Ideal for a collection or re-enactment.

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Original RAF MK VIII Flying Goggles - Air Ministry Marked

An original pair of original RAF MK VIII Goggles in good condition for their age and with faint Air Ministry markings.

These goggles are arguably the most iconic of all RAF goggles and saw use with aircrews from 1942 well into the post-war years. They also saw action with USAAF crews, Fleet Air Arm and Coastal Command amongst others.

This particular pair are in good condition and still retain the majority of their original blue paint to the brass frames. The leather pads are nice and most of the stitching appears strong. Between the two eye pieces is the leather bridge where the Air Ministry stamp is just about visible. Over time it has faded but it can just be seen stamped into the leather if held in the right light.

The goggles also feature the curved top to the metal frame and the austerity metal bridge section which are both traits of original wartime manufactured goggles.

The goggles feature an original elastic strap which retains a very small amount of elasticity. The metal adjuster is still present as are the two leather pull tabs which are often broken or missing.

Overall these are a very nice pair of original RAF goggles with the sought-after AM stamp that would make a nice addition to any RAF display.

Code: 50944Price: 100.00 GBP

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Original 1952 Dated British Army Denim Blouse - Size No.4

An original British Army Denim Battledress Blouse dated 1952.

This pattern of Battledress blouse came into issue with the British Army during the Second World with this example being identical to mid-later war manufactured examples. It features of complete set of revolving shank buttons which are held in place with original brass rings. It also has an original chromium plated waist buckle which is again removable and the same as WW2 pattern.

Inside the jacket retains its original manufactures label which states the size as size No. 4 which will fit up to a 39" chest and bares the 1952 date.

All in all a a good condition early post-war jacket which is identical to the wartime pattern.

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Original WW2 Period Khaki Drill Shorts by 'Moss Bros'

An original pair of private purchase shorts dating from the Second World War and made by 'Moss Bros'.

These shorts came with a number of other items which were all war dated and named to the same man, meaning they are almost certainly wartime. This pattern is often associated with the post-war 1950 pattern uniform but did see use during WW2, particularly with the RAF.

The shorts feature the cross belt closure and come complete with their original chrome plate buckles. These are removable for washing purposes and are often missing from shorts and trousers offered on the market today.

Inside the shorts feature a white makers label which states 'Moss Bros, Covent Garden' to the top and 'Sanforized Regd Shrunk Fabric' below. The label is typical of the era.

The shorts are a smaller size measuring at a 29" waist. The belt closure does mean this is slightly adjustable.

As can be seen in the pictures, the shorts are in good condition and display well. One fly button is missing but this is easily replaced.

All in all a very nice pair of WW2 private purchase shorts in good usable condition.

Code: 50946Price:

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Original RAF MK III Flying Goggles

An original pair of Royal Air Force MK III Flying Goggles as used during the Second World War.

This pattern of goggles came into use with the RAF during the 1930s and is one of the iconic 'Battle of Britain' goggles. They did see use throughout the war with Bomber Command, Costal Command the USAAF and more.

The goggles are British made rather than the more common Canadian examples often seen on the market. They feature the Air Ministry AM stamp as well as other details. These are somewhat faded with time and hard to see in the pictures, but slightly better in person.

This particular pair are in reasonable condition but do show signs of age. The leather face cushions have hardened somewhat but have begun to soften with some leather treatment. One screw is missing from the frames and the lenses are scratched and generally aged. The leather section of the strap is good, as is the metalwork. The sprung section however is broken in various places and the outer fabric has some holes to it. This is all reflected in the price and the goggles still display well as can be seen in the pictures.

Whilst not the finest pair of early war goggles ever to be offered on the market, they do still display nicely and would make a good addition to an RAF collection.

Code: 50942Price: 250.00 GBP

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Original Great War French Army Officers Horizon Blue Tunic

An original French Army Officers Tunic dating from the First World War and in distressed condition.

This tunic is the iconic Horizon Blue colour worn by the French Army during the Great War. It features a stand and fall collar, two slanted chest pockets, lower flapped bellows pockets, epaulettes, a french cuff and a half belt design to the rear. The tunic is cut with a narrow shoulder displacement, typical of the Edwardian era.

The lining material is typical of the era and all the button holes are hand stitched. A full set of matching buttons are present and there is clear evidence of where the flaming orb insignia was previously affixed to the collar.

The tunic is a small size of around a 36" chest. When laid flat it measures -

Chest - 18"
Waist - 16 3/4"
Inside arm - 20 1/4"
Outside arm - 25 1/2"
Shoulders 15 1/2"

The condition of the tunic is best described as 'distressed'. As can be seen in the pictures it has a plethora of stains as well as some moth damage. This is reflected in the price but please do take time to study the pictures.

Whilst not the worlds finest example of a French Officers tunic, it is still an original WW1 example which could still make a good addition to a collection or display.

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Original British Army Officers Boots by Lotus - Size 9 1/2

An original pair of brown leather British Army Officers boots made by 'Lotus' and in a good wearable size 9 1/2.

These boots are typical of those worn By British Army Officers in the Great War and though to the early part of the Second World War. They are made from a brown pebbled leather, feature a toe cap and a leather sole. The straight seem across the side of the boot is typical of early boots as are the large toe plates typically found on First World War boots.

Inside the boots are marked ' 9 1/2, D 363 Lotus'. Lotus were one of the most prolific manufacturers of footwear in the early 20th Century with many officers purchasing their field boots from them. The size is stated as 9 1/2 and the fit is 'D'. 363 most likely refers to the style of boot.

The boots are in good condition and display well. The leather uppers have a nice patina to them and what appears to be the original laces are present. The soles appear to be OK for their age but they do show signs of use and age. The cloth loops to help pull the boot on also show signs of wear. Please study the pictures supplied as they form part of the description.

Altogether a nice pair of early field boots in a harder to find larger size. Ideal for Great War and early WW2 collectors.

Code: 50943Price: 180.00 GBP

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