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Original WW2 Period Brass RAF Flight Sergeant Crowns

A good matched pair of original WW2 period RAF flight sergeant brass rank crowns.

These crowns were worn on both the four pocket OA tunic and the Battledress blouse by aircrew and ground crew above the Sgt stripes on each arm.

Overall good condition complete with the one to the rear.

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Original Post WW2 RAF Master Air Crew Rank Badge

An original post Second World War RAF master aircrew tank patch in good condition.

Free uk postage.

Code: 50568Price: 7.50 GBP

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Scarce American War Aid Khaki Drill Bush Jacket - Large size

A rare original American made British Army Khaki Drill Bush Jacket as worn by the British Army during the Second World War.

This example is made of HBT or Herringbone Twill which has a noticeable stripy effect in the fabric which you can see in the photographs. This material was favoured by American manufacturers due to its hard wearing nature and was used on War Aid jackets such as this.

The cut of the jacket closely resembles British and Indian made examples seen more commonly on the market. It features two breast pockets and two flapped hip pockets. a stand and fall collar and long sleeves. The rear features a vent which has been tacked closed, almost certainly by the original owner for smartness. This can only be seen from the interior.

Sadly there are no markings in the jacket but this is a guaranteed Second World War item as the Americans stopped making War Aid clothing for the British Army in 1945. There is a white label in the neck but it is very washed out and no details are no visible.

The jacket is a generous size measuring 22" so it should fit a 42" chest comfortably.

The condition of the jacket is good as can be seen in the pictures and it displays very well. There are a couple of buttons missing but these could easily be sourced.

Altogether a very nice example of this rare War Aid bush jacket which would be ideal for a re-enactor due to its large size.

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Orignal RAF Officers Collarless Shirt - Size 14 1/2

An original WW2 period RAF Officers collarless shirt in good condition.

This shirt is a full button example which slowly became more popular with RAF officers as the war progressed and carried on gaining popularity into the Jet Age. It is made from the correct RAF blue end on end cotton and features a double cuff which is worn with cuff links and a neckband collar onto which a collar can be attached.

The chest of the shirt measures at 22 1/2" from pit to pit when laid flat so should fit up to a 42" chest well. The collar measures at 14 1/2" which would be worn with a 15" detachable collar.

The condition of the shirt is very good. Whilst it was clearly been worn there are no signs of undue wear and it is still very wearable today.

Overall, a nice original RAF Officers shirt which would suit both the collector and re-enactor alike.

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Original WW2 British Army Pilots Wings - Flat Type with Pin

A beautiful original set of Second World War RAF pilots wings which are of the flat variation and feature a pin which has been stitched onto the rear, presumably to be worn pinned onto a khaki drill tunic.

The wings are a typical example of wartime flat pilot wings featuring silk embroidered feathers and RAF lettering which is surmounted by a Kings crown. The rear is again typical of wartime wings.

The pin appears to be an original addition to the rear of the badge and this was commonly done so that they could easily be removed from uniforms, usually khaki drill sets shirts or tunics, for washing.

The condition of the badge is excellent as can be seen in the photographs and it displays very well indeed. It does have a small nick to the right hand side though which is only just noticeable and doesn't really detract in my opinion.

Overall a very nice example of this wartime badge which would look great as part of a display or attached to a period uniform.

Free UK P+P

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Original WW2 RAF Brass Flight Sergeant Crowns

Original WW2 period RAF flight sergeant brass rank crowns.

These crowns were worn on both the four pocket OA tunic and the Battledress blouse by aircrew and ground crew above the Sgt stripes on each arm.

One of the badges has been more heavily polished over the years leaving the other one look more tarnished. They could both be polished up to look the same if you so wished.

This set do not come with pins but these can easily be sourced or made.

A nice original set ideal for a badge collector or someone who wants to badge up a uniform with original badges.

Free UK Postage.

Code: 50563Price: 14.00 GBP

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Original WW2 Semi Embroidered RAF Leading Air Craftsman Bagdes

A nice matched set of original WW2 semi embroidered RAF leading Aircraftsman badges as worn on the 4 pocket ordinary airman's tunic, the war service dress blouse and the greatcoat.

This particular pair are in very good condition and are a perfect match. They have clearly been removed from the same uniform and show signs of where they were once stitched on. One badge has its original backing whilst the other is missing.

A nice matched pair of wartime badges.

Free UK postage.

Code: 50564Price: 8.00 GBP

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Original WW2 Period British Army Sergeant Stripes

An original pair of Second World War period British Army Sergeant stripes in nice in-issued condition.

These stripes would look great as part of a display or could be added to a period uniform.

Far superior to any reproduction on the market!

Free UK P+P

Code: 50561Price: 16.00 GBP

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Original RAF MK 14 Sunglasses and Case by 'Algha' + case

An original pair of RAF issue MK 14 sunglasses as worn in the 1950s and 60s by RAF aircrew, complete with their original period soft case.

This pattern of sun glasses closely resemble the pattern worn during the Second World War with their grey/green tinted lenses and plated steel frames. However they have an extra strengthening bar between across the bridge which is the main noticeable difference.

The glasses are stamped inside the metal frames with the makers name 'Algha' as well as 'MARK 14' and the RAF stores code '22C/2432'.

The condition of the sunglasses is good but there is some corrosion to the frames as is to be excepted of a used pair of glasses of this age. They still display very well despite this. The lenses are good and the arms seem secure and fold out nicely. These glasses are still very wearable.

An original period case which the sunglasses came to me in is included. The condition is reasonable but worn. It still functions as it should.

Altogether a nice original pair of jet-age period sunglasses with all the correct markings and in nice wearable condition.

Code: 50556Price: 50.00 GBP

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Scarce 1941 Dated Air Ministry Marked 2 Gallon Petrol Can

A rare original 1941 dated Air Ministry marked 2 gallon petrol can as used by the RAF throughout the Second World War.

These scarce petrol tins are very similar to the standard petrol tins often seen on the market except the examples used by the RAF such as this one bare a Kings crown and the letters AM embossed into the top. On this example they have been painted white as is commonly found on the embossed parts of petrol cans.

The underside of the tin features the makers name and the date 6 - 41 denoting June 1941 as the month and year of manufacture. The underside of the can also has some sign written numerals on it which have been applied in a cream paint. I'm not certain what they relate to but they have clearly been on the can for a very long time.

The can is in very nice condition for its age although I can' vouch for it being water-tight as I have not tested it. The majority of the paint work is still intact and has a nice patina with a few areas missing which are back to metal. The can is slightly out of shape on one side but this is to be expected as they are lightly constructed.

Overall a great example of this scarce Air Ministry item. It would look excellent as part of an RAF display without a doubt.

Code: 50549Price: 105.00 GBP

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