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Original Great War Period RFC Leather Flying Coat

This rare original coat is of the same style as used by early aviators before the First World War as well as during. The cut and style of the coat is often referred to as an early Royal Flying Corps pattern and contemporary pictures show these coats being worn in the early part of the war.

Sadly the coat has no provenance but did come direct from source and came with a pair of Great War period field boots, also listed on my website. These coats were also used for motoring in the early part of the 20th Century as well as by aviators and there is no guarantee that this is an RFC item. It is however a very fine original example of this pattern of coat which would be hard to better and would certainly compliment any RFC display or collection.

The coat is made from a soft caramel coloured leather which is still very supple today and overall in very nice condition. It features a double breasted closure and slash pockets on the hips as well as a full belt which is in good condition. The belt buckle is the usual leather covered type found in this period and is a very good example. The coat features a heavy blanket lining designed to keep the wearer warm in open topped cars and open cockpits of the Edwardian period.

The coat still retains its original separate neck tab which buttons across between the two collar points as shown in the pictures. When not worn like this it is stored inside the coat by attaching it to two buttons on the inner side of the opening.

The sleeves of the coat are lined with a green/grey cotton and feature elasticated cuffs which are in excellent condition with little to no sign of wear.

The original label is still present and can be found below the hanging loop which is also still intact. The label reads 'The London and Leicester Rubber Co LTD, Leicester, Bournemouth & Ipswich' an is typical of the period featuring light writing on a black field.

As previously mentioned the coat is in nice condition for its age and is easily the best I have ever come across. It is of course a pre-owned, pre-worn item that is approximately 100 years old so will have some small issue and wear etc consummate with this. Please study the pictures as they form part of the description.

This is truly an amazing vintage coat which would make a good addition to any collection. It is undoubtedly an investment piece of high quality, the like of which is rarely offered on the open market.

Code: 51216Price: 750.00 GBP

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Original 1940s Navy Battledress Blouse

An original British Military Battledress Jacket in navy blue serge wool.

This style of jacket was extremely popular during the Second World War with various branches of the Military and I believe this example to be either a Royal Marines or Royal Navy pattern due to its colour and also the label.

These blouson jackets were also popular for civilians both before and after the war and can be seen in many contemporary photographs. The cyclist jacket was very popular in mainland Europe as well as the UK, with ex military jackets such as this being a popular choice in the immediate post-war years.

This jacket features exposed buttons suggesting that it is a wartime economy pattern jacket. The collar features an open-face downward point notched collar which would suggest to me that it is a later wartime pattern, as this style became increasingly popular as the years went on. The waist fastens with a belt and wire buckle as is standard on battledress jackets with the buckle being the wire pattern usually found on early war jackets.

The interior of the jacket features a full lining and a paper label. Most the details are no longer legible on the label sadly but the style is in keeping with Royal Marines and Royal Navy items of the period.

The jacket is a larger size and will fit around a 42" chest depending on desired fit.

When laid flat it measures -

Chest - 23"
Waist - 18 1/2"
Inside arm - 18"
Outside arm - 24 3/4"
Shoulders - 17 3/4"

The jacket is in good condition for its age with no major issues or signs of undue wear. It displays well and certainly has plenty of wear left in it but may have small issues consummate with its age. Please study the pictures as they form part of the description and bear in mind that this is a pre worn vintage item.

All in all a nice original WW2 period Battledress Blouse with some great details. It would make a nice addition to any wardrobe or collection with a doubt!

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Original Royal Berkshire Regiment Brass Collar Badges

An original matched pair of Princess Charlotte of Wales Royal Berkshire Regiment brass collar badges in good condition.

These badges most likely date from the inter-war period and would also be suitable for early Second World War Service Dress or battledress.

They are a good matched pair in nice condition and would make a good addition to any collection or uniform.

Free UK Postage.

Code: 51215Price: 25.00 GBP

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Original 1941 Pattern Mae West Life Preserver

An original 1941 Pattern Mae West Life Preserver as used during the Second World War.

Replacing the earlier 1932 pattern Mae West shortly after the Battle of Britain, the 1941 pattern is now an iconic piece of flying clothing which is synonymous with the RAF during the Second World War.

This pattern also saw extensive use with the Fleet Air Arm, Air Sea Rescue, Costal Command and the USAAF amongst many others, meaning that today it is a must have for any serious collector.

All the leg straps are intact as are the buttons which are correct pattern. A 'Lightening' brand zipper can be found at the neck and all the pop studs are present, although some have broken away from the fabric as detailed in the pictures.

The vest retains its original label which is somewhat washed out. The picture of it is at 90 degrees but you can clearly see the Air Ministry crown. Below this the letters 'C.C.P.R' has been added in ink although I do not know what this refers to.

The Mae West is fitted with a set of high quality reproduction kapoks from Stephen Kilburn which help to give it the correct shape when worn or displayed on a mannequin.

Like most WW2 life jackets offered for sale today, this example has seen plenty of action. It still displays well and certainly looks the part but does have a few flaws. There are a few holes around the top of the horse shoe as shown in the pictures and the pop stud that closes the mirror pocket has pulled away from the main body of the jacket. Overall however it is not a bad example and the faults have been reflected in the price.

All in all a good example of this iconic piece of Second World War flying clothing which is a must have for the serious aviation collector!

Code: 51205Price: 465.00 GBP

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Original Early WW2 First Pattern ATS Service Dress Tunic

A scarce early Second World War Auxiliary Territorial Service Tunic with 21st Army Group Insignia.

This pattern of tunic was the first to be worn by the ATS and was introduced in 1938. It was superseded by the 1941 pattern a couple of years later making this the only acceptable pattern for an early war impression.

The tunic is made from a fine khaki green serge, far superior to that used for men's uniform at the time. It is fully lined and features a full set of Kings crown brass General Service buttons. The key features which make this a first pattern jacket are the pleated breast pockets and the full belt which give the jacket a distinctive look, far removed from the later economy pattern.

The jacket features 21st Army Group divisional patches as well as a Dispatch Riders Trade Badge to the lower left sleeve. Above the left breast pocket is a brass Royal Army Service Corps collar badge whilst the usual ATS shoulder titles are fitted to the epaulettes. The tunic is also fitted with an original ATS coloured lanyard

The original label is sadly no longer inside the tunic and the only markings I can find appear to relate to a theatrical costumers, suggesting it was used post-war for stage or film.

When laid flat the tunic measures -

Bust - 17 3/4"
Waist - 15 3/4"
Inside arm - 17 1/4"
Outside arm - 23 1/2"
Shoulders - 14 1/2"

The tunic is in good condition and it displays well as can be seen in the pictures. It does however have a few small issues which I have detailed in the photographs. The sleeve has been let down as far as it can be and tacked there. This could be shortened again back to its original position without to much trouble. There are also some holes as shown in the pictures as well as a couple of other very small holes. Please study the pictures to attain a better idea of these flaws.

Overall this is a nice example of this rare early war pattern of tunic. Whilst it does have a few small issues it still displays nicely and would make an excellent condition to any collection!

Code: 51201Price: 250.00 GBP

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Original WW2 British Army MT Goggles and Case - Clear Lenses

A good original pair of British Army MT goggles and box as worn by drivers, tank crews, dispatch riders and more throughout the Second World War.

These particular goggles are the more sort after examples with clear lenses and are the teardrop shape. They feature leather face cushions and a blue/grey elastic strap as is standard with this mid-war pattern.

The goggles are in good condition with only limited signs of wear and age. The lenses are still clear with no real signs of delimitation as is common with this type of goggles. The leatherwork is good as are the plated metal parts and the strap still retains some elasticity meaning they can be displayed on a helmet or similar.

The goggles come complete with their original box which again is in good condition for its age.

Overall a good pair of goggles which display well and would make a nice addition to any collection.

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Original RAF Ordinary Airman's Tunic Belt

A hard to find example of an RAF OA tunic belt in good condition complete with its original brass buckle.

The belt measures 36 long and has three sets of holes at 31, 32 and 33 so should fit around a 30-31 waist potentially.

The overall condition is good for its age and there is no serious wear or damage but signs of wear and use.

A hard to find original piece of RAF uniform.

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Original WW2 RAF Medical Branch Brass Collar Insignia

An original matched pair of Second World War period brass RAF Medical Branch collar badges in good condition.

They feature the Kings Crown which means they date from before 1953 and come complete with their cotter pins.

Overall they are in good condition and display nicely.

Free UK Postage.

Code: 51213Price: 18.00 GBP

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Original 1955 Dated British Army Water Bottle and Webbing Cradle

An original Second World War pattern British Army water bottle in its 1937 pattern webbing cradle which is dated 1955.

This pattern of water bottle came into issue with the British Army in the early part of the Second World War and saw extensive issue throughout the conflict. The pattern stayed in use for a number of years post-war due to its good design.

There is no visible date on the water bottle itself so it could be an earlier example and is certainly the correct pattern for WW2. The webbing sling is marked with the 1955 manufacture date as well as the makers name and the CN number. The cradle features brass fittings as per early Second World War examples and is unblanco'd.

Both parts are in good condition with only limited signs of wear or use. The cork is still present and attached with a piece of string. There is a small hole to the bottom of the serge cover which is detailed in the pictures.

All in all a good example of this pattern of water bottle and cradle which would be ideal for both the collector and re-enactor alike.

Code: 51211Price: 18.00 GBP

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Original 1950 Dated RAF Ordinary Airman's Tunic

An original 1950 Dated RAF Ordinary Airman's Tunic complete with early Second World War shoulder eagles.

This original tunic was the standard pattern worn by all men in the RAF under the rank of sergeant throughout the Second World War. It features a complete set of original brass Kings crown buttons and Battle of Britain period embroidered shoulder eagles to the top of each sleeve.

Inside the jacket the original label is still present and reads 'Jackets O.A. Size 7' which will fit up to a 36" chest and a 32" waist. It also bears the War Department broad arrow marking and the 1950 date.

The tunic is in good condition for its age and displays well and has no major issues. There is however a hole the front and a couple of smaller ones to the rear, all of which are detailed in the pictures and could be repaired. Aside from this the tunic is a good clean example.

Altogether a good example which would make a good stand-in for a wartime dated jacket as it is identical.

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