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Original British Army Ammunition Boots - Size 9s

Brand new, fresh out of the box 1954 Dated British Army Ammunition boots, or 'Ammo' boots, in a good wearable size 9.

These boots came into issue with the British Army in the 1930s and saw extensive use throughout the Second World War and remained standard issue for a number of years after.

These boots were taken out of a sealed crate where they have been stored for the past 50 odd years and have remained in remarkable condition. These boots are 'brand new old stock' having never been worn like most boots offered on the market. The soles are clean and new with no studs and all the metalwork is bright and clean.

The boots come complete with an original pair of laces which are still bound together in a pair as they were from the factory!

Inside the boots are clearly dated 1954 and stamped as a size 9s. Whilst the date is post-war these boots are identical to those use during the Second World War.

These would compliment any British Army collection without a doubt and make an ideal stand-in for a war dated pair of boots. These really would be hard to better!

Code: 50477Price: 100.00 GBP

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Original WW2 Period British Army Officers Khaki Grip Holdall Bag

An original 1940s period Officers Canvas Holdall with a brass lightening zipper as used by Officers in the Brtish Army amongst others.

This pattern of bag features amongst the kit taken by some pilots of the Second Tactical Air Force when they flew into Normandy and can be seen in original period photographs.

This style of canvas grip came into use during the Second World War and due to its great design and popularity was made for many years afterwards. This is clearly a 1940s period example as it features a large brass lightening zipper typical of the period. Sadly the brass puller on the zip is broken in half but it still works perfectly well.

To one side of the bag the original owners name has been carefully added as well as to the bottom.

The overall condition of the bag is very good. It is in solid usable condition with no rips or tears to the canvas and all the stitching appears to be strong. All the leatherwork is intact and the light tan colour typically used on these bags.

A great original period bag which would be ideal for an RAF or British Army Re-enactor as well as someone who wears period clothes.

Code: 50488Price: 75.00 GBP

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Original WW2 RAF MK VIII Goggles - Air Ministry Marked

An original pair of original RAF MK VIII Goggles in great condition with the sought after Air Ministry markings to the leather bridge.

These goggles are arguably the most iconic of all RAF goggles and saw use with aircrews from 1942 well into the post-war years. They also saw action with USAAF crews, Fleet Air Arm and Coastal Command amongst others.

This particular pair are in nice condition and still retain the majority of their original blue paint to the brass frames. The leather pads are nice and the larger style often associated with war time made examples. There is some damage to the leather pads including a split to the top left corner which is shown in the photographs. This could be carefully glued back together and is reflected in the price. The chamois backing is clean showing some signs of wear.
The goggles feature an original black elastic strap which retains a reasonable of elasticity and features the correct pull tabs and leather pullers.

Overall these are a very nice pair of original RAF goggles with the sought after Air Ministry markings which display very well.

Code: 50486Price: 120.00 GBP

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1952 Pattern Officers Rubberised Macintosh

An original 1952 Pattern British Army Officers Rubberized Macintosh Raincoat.

The style of this raincoat is totally unchanged from those of the 1930s and 1940s and it could easily pass as one if it wasn't for the label. The War Department approved this pattern of raincoat in the early 1950s and called it the 1952 pattern although it is essentially just a civilian 1930-40s raincoat. It also looks the same as those worn by British Officers during the Second World War.

The coat is made from a heavy rubberised material designed to keep the rain off and is half lined with a very period plaid cotton. The coat features a belt made from matching material and a leather covered buckle which is somewhat worn, as they invariably are. An inside pocket can be found below which is a small belt with metal painted eyelets which fits into a corresponding buckle on either side of the coat to keep it done up and in shape from the inside. Two triangular vent sections featuring brass eyelets can also be found under each armpit.

Inside the coat there are two labels. One in the neck which relates to the care of the garment, and another in the skirt which is the original issue label. The label states the coats size as 14 which will fit up to a 41" chest.

The overall condition of the coat is good as can be seen in the photographs. There are marks and stains however as this is a vintage and pre-worn item, so please study the photographs. There is also some wear down the crease of each sleeve which has gone through into small holes in a few places. Again this is detailed in the photographs.

All in all, a lovely original Macintosh raincoat in a good wearable size. This would be an ideal addition to a period suit or British Army Officers impression.

Code: 50478Price: 125.00 GBP

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Original British Army Ammunition Boots With SV Commando Sole - Size 13

An original pair of 1963 dated British Army Ammunition Boots with an Isthide 'Commando' Sole in a large size 13.

These boots are post-war dated but an extremely good stand-in for a wartime example as they are virtually identical.

This pattern of boots was used by the SAS and the Commandos amongst other unit during the Second World War with the pattern still being used well into the 1960s unchanged.

The boots feature the standard leather uppers seen on all ammo boots with a toe cap and 6 eyelets. The Isthide soles are screwed in place with the correct flat head screws as used during WW2.

The condition of the boots is good with some scuffing to the uppers, particularly at the back. The soles are in good condition also and don't show many signs of wear.

The laces included are the original pair which came with the boots and whilst they display well enough they most likely wouldn't be usable if the boots were worn.

Inside the boots are stamped with the number 13 which denotes the size as well as the date 1963 and the makers name. If the boots were to be worn they will need some cleaning on the inside.

Overall, a cracking pair of boots which would be ideal for a collector interested in SAS or Commando items or a re-enactor with large feet!

Code: 50481Price: 85.00 GBP

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Original WW2 RAF Officers Greatcoat - Issue Label

A fine example of a World War Two period RAF Officers greatcoat in good condition.

This style of greatcoat was worn by officers in the RAF from before the Second World War but was replaced immediately after with a new pattern, making this example a guaranteed wartime example.

The coat features a full waist belt and brass buckle, a functioning 3 button cuff with brass RAF buttons, RAF buttons to the front and is lined inside with rayon.

There is no label inside the coat but the coat but a clear outline of where an issue label was previously. Whilst the label is no longer with the coat this outline means it is without a doubt a rare example of an officers issue item, rather than the more common private purchase examples usually seen on the market.

A pair of original shoulder boards come with this greatcoat with the rank of Fight Lieutenant attached and the correct brass kings crown buttons.

The overall condition of the coat is very good with no damage or signs of moth. There are however various stains on the coat; in particular to the bottom of the skirt and near one of the shoulder boards at the top. These may come out with dry cleaning or similar.

The coat is a small size and will fit around a 36" chest.

This greatcoat is ideal for somebody who is looking for an authentic Wartime example rather than the much more common post-war examples seen on the market.

Code: 50470Price:

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Original WW2 British Army Officers KD Bush Jacket - Large Size

An original Second World War period British Army Officers Khaki Drill Tunic in well worn and used condition.

This style of Bush Jacket became popular with British Officers during World War Two as a more practical alternative to the regulation Khaki Drill Officers tunic which was cut in the same fashion as the standard green wool tunic. The bush jacket offered a looser fit which proved to be much better suited to fighting and working.

The jacket features light tan horn buttons to the front, epaulettes, cuff and chest pockets. all are present and appear to be original to the tunic. The jacket also features a spear point shaped collar which is typical of items made during the 1940s. Inside the jacket has the name 'Spokes' written in ink.

This bush jacket has seen some heavy use and has period repairs in various places as photographed. They really add to the story of the jacket and are done in a typical period way.

The tunic is a large wearable size with a 44" chest making it an ideal jacket for re-enactment.

Code: 50484Price: 75.00 GBP

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Original 1940s Navy Blue Wool Roll Neck Sweater - RAF Aircrew / Royal Navy style

An original 1940s navy blue roll neck jumper as worn by RAF aircrews, Royal Navy and many more during the Second World War.

This sweater is typical of those made during the war being made from a heavy coarse navy blue wool and featuring a small rolled neck. The jumper is very long in the body which is typical of this style. There is no label present so could be a comforts made example.

This style of roll neck was popular during WW2 particularly with RAF aircrews and are often seen being worn in pictures rather than the issue 'frocks' which have a much larger roll neck.

The jumper is a small size and will fit a 34" chest well.

The overall condition is great. This has clearly never been worn or issued and it displays very well.

A great original and hard to find piece which would compliment any collection.

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RAF 1937 Pattern Webbing Pistol Belt - large size

An original World War Two period RAF webbing pistol belt as used by a variety of members of the RAF including aircrews.

This RAF webbing closely resembles its British Army equivalent of 1937 pattern webbing but is made in a blue-grey colour. It is important to note at the point that all these pieces are the correct wartime blue-grey colour and not the post-war blue dyed examples which are a much more blue colour.

This type of pistol belt was worn by aircrews in both Bomber Command and Fighter Command as well as Costal Command. Fighter Pilots flying with the 2nd Tactical Air Force all wore belts such as this.

The set is made up of three parts; a pistol holster which is in great condition and clearly dated 1943, an ammunition pouch dated 1942 and a belt which is undated.

All the items have had some use but match well and have a consistent look. The belt is the most used part and appears to have had a number of owners indicated by the names and other markings which have been inscribed inside the belt.

The belt is a large size measuring at 46" when adjusted to its maximum length. It can of course be shortened.

Overall a nice original period belt which would be great as part of a display or for use in re-enactment as it is a good large size.

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Original 1949 Pattern Battledress Trousers - Heavily Tailored

An original pair of British Army 1949 pattern trousers which have been heavily tailored and originally belonged to a rather tall Warrant Officer.

The trousers started life as an issue pair of 1949 pattern trousers but the original owner had them heavily tailored. The flapped pockets have all been changed for 1937 pattern style pockets with a covered button which gives the trousers a very smart look. The waistband appears to have been altered and the waist adjuster look like they have been moved. Overall the trousers have been heavily tailored for the smartest fit.

The trousers are a very tall size with a 34" waist and a 35" inside leg making them ideal for a re-enactor.

The overall condition of the trousers is very good indeed but there are a couple of small flaws. There is a very small moth hole to the front of the trousers and the cuff of each leg is fraying. Both of these are pictured so please study the pictures before purchasing.

A very nice pair of original post-war battledress trousers unlike any other! They would compliment any collection certainly or could be used by a tall re-enactor.

Code: 50482Price: 50.00 GBP

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