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Early Battle Of Britain Era RAF Officers Peaked Cap

A beautiful early War example of an RAF officers peaked cap which would be ideal for a Battle of Britain collector or display.

This fantastic cap has al the traits of an early hat featuring a large D shaped peak with the green leather underside, high sides, stiff crown and quilted lining which give it that classic Battle of Britain look. The leather sweatband inside is also very deep which is typical of pre-War British headwear.

The overall condition of the hat is very good aside from some marking to the top and a number of holes along the front of the peak. The chin strap is also missing but these factors have been taken into account when pricing the cap.

The mohair band is in very good condition as are both the cloth covered chinstrap buttons. The bullion badge is an excellent example as can be seen in the pictures and is almost certainly original to the cap.

The cap is on the small side and I would say no bigger than a 6 7/8. Whilst maybe not ideal for re-enactment this hat makes an excellent display piece.

Overall, a truly stunning early War cap which would compliment any RAF collection without a doubt.

Code: 50386Price: 105.00 GBP

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Original WW2 British Army / RAF Demob Suit

A rare original British Armed Forces Demob suit complete with its original labels. No British Army or RAF collection could be complete without one of these!

This suit is an authentic Demob suit as issued to men leaving the British Army or RAF from 1942 onwards. This is not 'demob style' but an authentic original suit with demob provenance, as can be seen by the labels.

The suit is made up of two pieces; the jacket which is a single breasted example, and the trousers. These suits were sometimes three piece and sometimes two piece and came in a variety of different cloths and cut. This example is cut from a grey cloth which features a white stripe and is typical of those given to men leaving the forces at the end of the Second World War.

The jacket is single breasted with a notched lapel, two flapped hipped pockets and a breast pocket on the left breast. It does not feature any vents to the rear as was the fashion at the time.

The trousers feature a high waistline and a wide leg as was the fashion of the time. The button fly is typical of British suits of this era as is the single rear pocket which fastens with a button. At some stage it would appear that belt loops have been added. I don't think these are original to the suit as they were made in a austere manner with no belt loops, turn ups or fob pockets.

Both the jacket and trousers retain their original demob labels. The label in the jacket can be found in the inside pocket whilst the label in the trousers can be found in the inside rear pocket. Both labels are exactly the same and state: Size 40R Code No.19. This is typical of a demob label and nice to find in both parts of the suit as they were often cut out.

The suit will fit a 40" chest and a 34" waist but I have also added the measurements below which were taken with the jacket laid flat -

Armpit to armpit - 20"
Waist - 17"
Inside arm - 18"
Outside arm - 24 1/2"
Shoulder to shoulder - 16 1/2"

And the trouser measurements taken with the trousers laid flat -

Waist - 17"
Inside Leg - 27"
Cuff width - 10"

All in all, a fantastic original demob suit which would be ideal for a collector or Re-enactor, and a must have for any British Army or RAF collection.

Code: 50385Price: 125.00 GBP

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Scarce Original 1941 Pattern 'Flap Type' Mae West

A very rare item to find these days - An original RAF 1941 Pattern 'Flap Type' Mae West as used by RAF aircrews in the early half of the Second World War.

This rare life jacket has its original label inside which states 'Type Flap, Size Medium'. Above this is the words 'Serial Number' followed by a space for the owner name, which has never been filled in. Whilst the label states 'Flap Type', there is no flap present on the Mae West. These were more often than not removed as they would snag on the inside of aircraft and could also get wrapped about the head of an airman who had ditched, resulting in drowning.

Below the label can be seen a black ink stamp of the Air Ministry crown as well as the letters AM. Below this is a contract/stores number. The stamp has survived and makes it clear that this is an authentic Air Ministry issue item.

The Mae West features all of its leg straps, tying tapes, grab handles and original buttons. There is a floating torch pocket on the right hang side, a dye-marker/florescent flap to the other hip, a heliograph pocket and a CO2 inflation lever pocket which are all standard features of the 1941 Pattern Mae West.

The rear of the life jacket features a brass 'Aero' zip which is an original period example. Inside are a set of high quality reproduction Kapoks from Steve Kiddle at Pegasus Militaria. The kapoks help to give the Mae West its proper shape and are authentically AM stamped etc so that on opening the flap zip everything looks 100% authentic.

Whilst the flap is missing, this is still an early 1941 Pattern Mae West clearly marked up as a 'Flap Type'. Flap Type examples come onto the market very rarely and this is a good solid example.

Please note that the dummy bladder tube is not included with the sale of this Mae West.

Code: 50359Price: 595.00 GBP

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Original WW2 MK VIII RAF Goggles - Air Ministry Marked

An original pair of MK VIII RAF goggles in excellent condition which bare both the Air Ministry mark to the leather bridge piece, but also a 22c number to the elasticated strap.

The MK VIII goggles are arguably the most iconic of all RAF goggles, coming into service during 1943 and stay in use with the RAF until the 1960s.

These fantastic goggles still retain their original Air Ministry stamp and 22c/ stores number which is stamped into the leather between the two eye pieces. Many pairs of MK VIII goggles on the internet do not in fact have this AM stamp and those that do are much more sort after by collectors.

The elastic strap also bares a 22c stamp along with a War Department broad arrow stamp which is the first time I have seen this. I suppose it is very common for this stamp to wear off as it is in such an exposed area.

The brass frames are in good condition and retain most of their original blue paint. The chamois backing of the goggles is really excellent and doesn't look to have seen any real use. The tapes between the two eye pads are also in very good condition and the lenses are also good but with some signs of delamination.

An excellent original pair of WW2 RAF goggles in great condition; the stamping on the strap alone really sets these goggles apart from any others I have had over the years, and they would make an excellent display piece.

Code: 50371Price:

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1942 Dated RAF Air Sea Rescue Waterproof Over Trousers

A rare original pair of 1942 Dated Air Sea Rescue waterproof over trousers complete with their original belt.

The trousers are in good condition for their age and display very well. They donít appear to have had any use and all the stamps are nice and bright still. The waist belt is also in very good condition and the original buckle is still present.

The trousers feature all their original 'Swift' zips; one to the fly and another to the back of each leg. The zips are very clean with no signs of corrosion so should work well.

The only fault with the trousers is that the black rubber soles on the bottom have gone brittle and it has begun to flake off in places. Please study the pictures.

Overall a very good example of these rare over-trousers which would compliment any RAF collection.

Code: 50373Price: 100.00 GBP

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Original WW2 Drivers Goggles and Case

A good original pair of British Army MT goggles and box as worn by drivers, tank crews, dispatch riders and more, throughout the Second World War.

The condition of the goggles is good; the strap retains all of its original elascity and the leather work is in excellent condition. The frames are good as are the lenses which are tinted. The lenses of these goggles are often dilaminated but this particular pair are quite good.

These goggles come complete with their original hardboard box which is in a1 condition.

Overall, a good pair of goggles which display well and would suit either a reenactor or collector very well.

Code: 50364Price: 55.00 GBP

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Original 1950s Queens Crown Warrant Officer Cloth Insignia

A fantastic matched pair of Queens crown Warrant Officer sleeve badges which have been removed from a uniform.

The badges come complete with their padded backings which give them a great shape when sewn onto a uniform.

Free UK postage.

Code: 50383Price: 6.00 GBP

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OUTSTANDING 1945 Dated RAF OA Forage Cap - Size 6 3/8

A 1945 dated example of the RAF Ordinary Airmans Forage Cap in mint condition.

This has to be the nicest cap I have ever had! It has clearly never been issued as is like the day it was made! Really outstanding.

The blue serge is still a bright blue colour as it would have been when it came out of the factory. It has clearly never been washed or used. I have added a picture of it on top of another forage cap which has been used as a reference.

The cap badge has never been polished and still retains all of its detail. It came with the cap and looks to have been on it for a long time as the condition of it is consistent with the cap. The cap features two black bakerlite buttons to the front which were typical used on late-war production caps such as this.

Inside the blue indigo sweatband lining is excellent condition and bares the size stamp 6 3//8. This part of the cap is usually the most worn but this example shows no signs of wear! Next to this stamp the War Department WD mark can be seen with the letter 'Z' above it which is the correct letter code for 1945.

The black lining of the cap is also in excellent condition and all of the original yellow stamping is still clear. This again is rarely fully intact as it is one of the first areas to wear. The date of 1945 is very clear as is the War Department broad arrow and the maker 'S & P Harris Ltd, Glasgow'.

All in all, an outstanding cap which would truly be hard to better!

Code: 50361Price: 48.00 GBP

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1943 Dated RAF OA Tunic - Size No. 9

A good example of a wartime RAF Ordinary Airman's Tunic dated 1943, complete with its original belt.

The jacket comes complete with a full set of brass Kings crown buttons and it has original wartime insignia to both sleeves. The albatross insignia to the top of the sleeve is of the printed variety whilst the LAC badges and wireless operators badges are all of the earlier embroidered style.

The original belt is present and still retains its original brass buckle.

The tunic is marked as a size No.9. The label states the sizes as -

Height 5'7" - 5' 8"'
Breast 39" & 40"
Waist 36"

All in all, a nice original war time tunic ideal for the collector and re-enactor alike.

Code: 50382Price:

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1945 Dated RAF OA Greatcoat

A good original example of the RAF Ordinary Airman's Greatcoat in a size No.6 and clearly dated 1945.

This pattern of greatcoat came into use with the RAF during the 1930s and saw use throughout the Second World War before being replaced by the 'New Pattern' greatcoat in the immediate post-war years.

This greatcoat features the correct number of brass Kings crown buttons and a matched set of wartime printed RAF albatross badges are sewn to the top of each sleeve.

Inside the coat features a white blanket lining as well as the original label which states the coat as being a size No. 6 Which will fit up to 5' 8" tall, 39" chest and a 35" waist. The date is clearly marked 1945 on the label. There is also a white WD stamp surmounted by the letter ĎZí which confirms 1945 as the year of issue.

The overall condition of the Greatcoat is very good indeed and it displays very well. There are some marks, particularly around the collar consummate with the age and wear of the coat but this doesn't particularly detract from the it and is very good aside from this.

This greatcoat came with the tunic and forage cap listed above. I also have the same Airmans trousers which I will list in the future.

All in all, a great example of a wartime RAF OA greatcoat which are becoming increasingly hard to find. This would compliment any RAF collection or complete a re-enactment uniform nicely.

Code: 50370Price:

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