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Scarce Original 1943 Dated Women's Land Army Jumper

A rare original Women's Land Army Jumper clear dated 1943 and made by 'Healthguard'.

Formed in 1939, the WLA worked all over Great Britain throughout the Second World War. They wore a distinctive, and now iconic, uniform which this jumper formed a key part of.

Machine made from a bottle green wool with a V-neck and long sleeves, the jumper is cut in short in the body, as was popular during this period. Inside the neck the original label is still present and reads 'Healthguard' in a font which is indicative of the era and makes an interesting change to the usual sans-serif labels found on issue clothing. The size of 5 is stated as is the 1943 date. The War Department broad arrow marking is also present confirming this as a genuine issue item.

The jumper is a good size and due to being made from wool will stretch larger than the sizes stated below. When laid flat it measures -

Chest - 17"
Waist - 10"
Inside arm - 23"
Outside arm - 27"
Shoulders - 14"
Length - 23"

The jumper is in great condition and does not look to have seen any real wear or use. It is still a bright bottle green colour and the label is still bright and legible. It does however have three very small holes which are detailed in the pictures. Aside from this it is a very sound example which displays extremely well.

A rare opportunity for the serious collector to acquire a scarce original WLA uniform item which is in great condition and has a fantastic label. This would make a fantastic addition to any collection without a shadow of a doubt!

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Original 1943 Dated British Denim Battledress Blouse

A rare original mid-war British Denim Battledress Blouse dated 1943 and in new old stock un-issued condition.

At first glance this jacket appears to be a standard wartime pattern Denim Battledress Blouse. However, the material is a noticeably different shade of green which is lighter and more vivid than usual wartime manufactured denims.

The jacket is made from the usual denim sanforized cotton and features a full matched set of revolving shank buttons which are all held on with the correct brass split rings. A wartime pattern steel waist buckle fastens the waist.

Inside the original label is still present and is bright a legible. It states the size as No.2 and features the 1943 date as well as the War Department broad arrow marking. The manufactures name of 'Jukoff & Greenstein' is also present.

To the right of the label the War Department acceptance stamp is also present and is surmounted by the letter 'M' which denotes 1944 as the year of issue.

The jacket is in fantastic new old stock condition and looks as it would have done when it came out of the factory. It clearly hasn't been worn or issued making it a fantastic collectible piece today.

A brilliant example of a piece of British military workwear with some interesting details and in stunning condition. This would make a great addition to any collection without a doubt!

Code: 51392Price: 165.00 GBP

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Original Great War Officers Khaki Drill Trousers by 'Hawkes & Co'.

A scarce original pair of British Officers Khaki Drill Trousers dating from the Great War and in good condition.

The trousers were made by 'Hawkes & Co' of Savile Row as is stated on both the buttons and the label. The label has a number of clues in it which help date the trousers manufacture date to between approximately 1912 and 1917. The address on the label is No.1 Savile Row which the company moved into in 1912 meaning they have to date from after this. The address also states merely 'W', predating the addition of the 1 numeral which was added in 1917 when all areas became numbered. Due to this these are almost certainly a wartime made pair of trousers.

The trousers are cut in the same style as the 'overall' trousers worn by Officers in this period. They were the preferred style of many cavalry regiments and feature a high rise with a small ticket pocket let into the top seam, a narrow leg with just a 7" cuff and a button in strap which fits around the wears boot. The trousers are made from the standard khaki coloured cotton drill material used for British KD and retain all of the original buttons. These are all marked with the makers name.

The trousers will fit someone of around a 30" waist and 31" leg and when laid flat measure -

Waist - 30 1/2"
Rise - 14"
Rear rise - 19"
Inside leg - 31 1/2"
Cuff - 7"

The trousers are in very good condition considering they are over 100 years old. They show only limited signs of wear and use and still appear to be very strong and wearable. They are of course a pre-owned pair of vintage trousers so may have small issues consummate with their vintage.

A rare pair of early Khaki Drill trousers in good condition and dating from the Great War. They would no doubt make a fine addition to any WW1 collection!

Code: 51391Price: 265.00 GBP

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Original 1945 Dated RAF War Service Dress Blouse - Size 3

An original Royal Air Force War Service Dress Blouse clearly dated 1945 and in a size No.3.

This pattern of jacket came into service in late 1940 listed as 'Suits, Aircrew' before being re-designated 'War Service Dress' in 1943, remaining virtually unchanged. The blouse features the wire style waist buckle usually associated with early manufacture 'Suits, Aircrew' blouses, RAF style scalloped pocket flaps and a pair of hook and eyes to close the neck. Standard RAF Black horn buttons are fitted to the jacket.

Inside the jacket the original label is still present and is bright and legible. It states the size as no.3 and the manufacturers name as 'C.W.S' better know as the Co-op today. The War department broad arrow is present as is the 1945 date.

The jacket is in reasonable condition for its age but does have some flaws which are reflected in the price. There is what appears to be some glue above the left breast pocket which may come out with careful cleaning. The collar has had badges fitted at some point leaving a couple of small holes to each side whilst the sleeves as bear some similar holes. To the rear there is also some staining which is again detailed in the pictures.

Whilst not the finest example of a WSD Blouse, the jacket does feature a nice clear label and would still make a good addition to an RAF collection.

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Original First Pattern Early WW2 British Army Denim Battledress Trousers

An original pair of British Army Denim Battledress Trousers dating from the early part of the Second World War.

This pattern of trousers was introduced at the very beginning of World War Two replacing the earlier fatigues used in the Great War and inter-war period. They were in turn superseded by an austerity pattern in 1942 making them a rare find today.

These particular examples have had the first field dressing pocket, map pocket and ankle tabs removed at some stage, most likely to make the more usable as a work trouser. The belt loops have been left though and fasten with stamped brass buttons, with the same being found to the fly. There is a clear outline of where the original issue label was previously stitched to the rear of the trousers.

The trousers will suit someone of around a 32" waist as these are designed to be worn oversize. They have a very short inside leg but due to the high rise waist they can be worn low. When laid flat the trousers measure -

Waist - 17 1/4"
Rise - 16 1/2"
Rear rise - 19"
Inside leg - 23 1/2"
Cuff - 10"

The trousers are in well used condition as can be seen in the pictures with the usual signs of wear and use associated with vintage work pieces such as this. Obviously the pockets have been removed, leaving a small tear to the right seam of the map pocket as shown in the pictures. Aside from this they look to be very wearable and have a great patina to them.

Whilst not an item for the purist, personally I really like the workwear aesthetic of these trousers and think they would make a great addition to a collection!

Code: 51389Price: 110.00 GBP

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Original WW2 US Polaroid All Purpose Goggles, No 1021 + Case

An original pair of United States issue Type 1021 Polaroid All Purpose Goggles complete with their original case.

This pattern of goggles was introduced in 1943 and saw widespread issue with US Army troops as well as with the USAAF throughout the rest of the war. They body of the goggles is made from a grey sponge rubber whilst the strap is black elastic and the sense is a single piece plastic design.

The goggles come complete with their 'kit' which comes in the form of a light cotton bag which houses 4 different coloured eye shields and bares instructions printed directly onto the cloth.

The goggles are in good condition but there is a crack to the rubber frame as detailed in the picture. The elastic strap has lost most of its elasticity but overall they still display well. The cotton bag is also in good condition.

A nice pair of original period US issue goggles.

Code: 51386Price: 90.00 GBP

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Original WW2 USAAF AN-H-15 Flying Helmet - Size Large

An original USAAF AN-H-15 Summer Flying Helmet in good condition.

This pattern of helmet came into use with the American Air Force in April of 1943 and was used in both the Pacific Theatre and in Europe. The canvas construction was suited to the summer months and there are many pictures of pilots using these in both campaigns.

This particular example retains its original label which states the size as large. The manufacturers name is also on the label and reads 'Society Brand Hat Co'. The helmet is also marked with the USAAF logo to both the interior and exterior.

The original owner has marked his name to the chin strap which reads 'O V Pezzi' which may be offer the chance at further research.

The helmet is in very good condition as can be seen in the pictures. The cotton body of the helmet is in good condition as is all the leather work, the rubber ear pieces and the chamois ear donuts. The helmet has clearly seen very limited use, if any and displays extremely well.

This original helmet would certainly be hard to better and would make a great addition to any WW2 aviation collection.

Code: 51385Price: 75.00 GBP

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Original 1940s Khaki Drill Shorts

An original pair of very well worn Khaki Drill shorts dating from the 1940s.

Like many pieces of Khaki Drill clothing, these shorts are theatre made. It was very common for men serving with the British Army , RAF and Royal Navy to be issued with such items as the supply routes were shorter. Whilst most theatre made items are devoid of any date, and often any markings at all, these shorts undoubtedly date from the 1940s.

The shorts are made from the usual khaki coloured cotton drill and feature a button fly which fastens with stamped brass buttons. An interesting feature is the belt loops which fold back on themselves creating a loop which covers the brass button which fastens it the shorts.

The shorts are a smaller size which will fit around a 28" waist depending on desired fit. When laid flat they measure -

Waist - 14"
Rise - 15"
Rear rise - 20"
Inside leg - 20 1/2"
Cuff - 14"

The shorts are in distressed, very worn condition as can be seen in the pictures. They have various repairs, wear and some holes. Please study the pictures and bear in mind that they are in far from perfect condition.

An original WW2 period pair of shorts with some interesting details.

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Original WW2 British Army Map Case

An original Second World War period British Army wooden map board.

This pattern of map board was used throughout the Second World War by a plethora of units. Sadly they were never dated so it is not possible to date them exactly but these were a common item during WW2. The board itself is wooden and features a canvas pencil holder to the top which fastens with brass ‘Newey’ pop studs.

The board measures at 22" x 16".

In used condition, this map board still displays well and would suit a re-enactor or collector well.

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Original 1908 Pattern British Army Webbing Belt - Size L (2)

An original 1908 Pattern Webbing Belt as used by the British Army during the First and Second World War.

This pattern of belt was introduced into service with the British Army shortly before the Great War and saw widespread use throughout the conflict. It stayed in Service throughout the inter-war period before being replaced by the 1937 pattern belt in 1938. The 1908 pattern was still issued during the first years of the Second World War with many being used in the BEF and the Western Desert.

This particular example was made by the Mills Equipment Company as can be seen by the MECo stamp. Following this is a date which is hard to read. Below this the letter 'L' is stamped which denotes the size as large.

The belt is in reasonable condition but shows signs of wear and age. There is some fraying to the webbing where it has been fastened many times which has been reflected in the price. If fastened as shown in the pictures when worn with a tunic it is not visible.

A reasonable example of a Great War period webbing belt which would suit both the collector and re-enactor well.

Code: 51365Price: 35.00 GBP

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