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Original RAF MK VIII Flying Goggles

An original pair of original RAF MK VIII Goggles in great condition.

These goggles are arguably the most iconic of all raf goggles and saw use with aircrews from 1942 well into the postwar years. They also saw action with USAAF crews, Fleet Air Arm and Coastal Command amongst others.

This particular pair are in nice condition and still retain the majority of their original blue paint to the brass frames. The leather pads are nice and the chamois backing is very clean showing only limited signs of wear.

The goggles feature an original black elastic strap which retains a small amount of elasticity and features the correct pull tab abdvteonkeathet pullers.

Overall these are a very nice pair of original RAF goggles which display very well.

Code: 50456Price: 115.00 GBP

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1940 Dated MKII Number 2C Steel Helmet by 'British Motor Bodies'

An original 1940 Dated British Steel Helmet made by British Motor bodies still in its original blue / grey paint.

This helmet is a MKII Number 2C which is denoted by the three holes drilled in the side and means that it was not to be used by frontline troops. They did however see use with Home Guard, RAF and predomintently the Civil Defence.

The helmet shell is stamped ‘BMB 1940’ by one of the chin strap lugs denoting British Motor Bodies as the manufacturer and 1940 as the year of manufacture. The liner is also dated 1940 and made by ‘TTC’ and is a good large size 7 1/4.

The shell itself is in good shape and still retains a large amount of its original paint finish. The chin strap appears to be original to the helmet and is in good condition.

Overall this is a cracking original helmet with a nice early date And it would be an asset to any collection without a doubt.

Code: 50462Price: 85.00 GBP

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Size 9 Deck Boots - RAF, Home Guard, Royal Navy

A pair of original postwar manufactured deck boots ina good size 9.

Whilst these boots are most likely of postwar manufacture they are ofnthe period and the correct construction featuring the correct metalwork to the bottom etc.

These boots are an ideal stopgap for a mannequin or reenactor struggling to find original War Dated boots without a toe cap. These boots are virtually identical to those worn by the RAF, Royal Navy, Home Guard, Canadian Army and more throughout the Second World War.

The boots have a ‘9’ stamped onto the sole as well as inside on the insole which denotes the size. The sole of the boots features studs in a pattern that was used many many years and is completely acceptable for WW2.

The boots feature five brass eyelets and a pair of cotton laces which could be changed for leather to get a more period look.

A nice pair of period boots which would be perfect for a reenactor or mannequin.

Code: 50467Price: 70.00 GBP

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Original RAF Officers Forage Cap by 'Gieves'

A beautiful original RAF Officers forage cap by ‘Gieves’, sometimes referred to as a side Cap.

This cap is made from an RAF blue barathea wool and features contrasting light coloured stitching which is often sought by collectors. The cap features two small brass buttons to the front and an brass Officers pattern cap badge to one side.

Inside the cap is a large makers label which has the name ‘Gieves Ltd’ on as well as the royal coat of arms and the words ‘by appointment’.

The cap is in stunning condition and would undoubtedly compliment any RAF collection!

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1944 Dated RAF OA Tunic - Size No.5

An original 1944 Dated RAF Ordinary Airmans tunic as worn throughout the Second World War by both Aircrew and Ground crew.

The tunic features a full set of original kings crown brass buttons but has no belt. The tunic is also devoid of any insignia but there are clear signs of where stripes have been attached previously on both sleeves. I have both the albatross I insgnia and corporal stripes in stock currently which I could supply with the tunic at an additional cost.

Inside the tunicnthe origianl label is intact and clearly legible and states the tunic size as a 5 which will fit up to a 37” chest. The maker ‘L Harris’ is also present on the label as is the date - 1945.

The overall condition of the tunic is good but the tunic has been issued and worn so does have Wear consumate with this.

These tunics are become harder to find with nice wartime dates such as this and it would be a great addition to any RAF collection.

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1945 Dated RAF KD Cellular Bush Jacket

A nice original 'Shirts Bush Cellular, R.A.F N.P.' clearly dated 1945 and in good condition.

The shirt is made from cellular cotton which is more commonly referred to as 'Airtex' which is a lightweight breathable material favoured by the British forces during the Second World War.

The jacket features the black plastic pattern RAF buttons commonly seen on later war RAF Khaki Drill tunics as well as belt loops. Sadly the belt is missing from the tunic but they were often worn without.

Inside the tunic is the original label which is still very clear. It states RAF NP which stands for 'New Pattern' and the size as 7 which will fit up to a 38" chest.

The overall condition of the tunic is very good as can be seen in the pictures. The tunic has had a small amount of use though having been issued at some point.

This tunic is perfect for an Ordinary Airman or Officer as these were worn by all ranks. There are a two holes pierced in both sides of the collar suggesting perhaps a medical use previously.

A nice original tunic which is clearly war dated. This would be ideal for the collector or Re-enactor alike.

Code: 50458Price: 60.00 GBP

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1942 Dated RAF OA trousers

A fantastic original 1942 dated pair of RAF Ordinary Airman's trousers in great condition and complete with their original label.

These trousers have all the attributes associated with early manufactured RAF OA items including the white cotton lining and stamped brass buttons which were both replaced during the war.

On the rear of the trousers is the original cotton label which states - 'Trousers Blue Grey OA, Size No.15 ... M & N Horne LTD, April 1942. The sizes indicate a fit of a 31" waist. The War Department broad arrow is also present to the very bottom of the label.

Inside the trousers bare the War Department broad arrow stamp which is surmounted by the letter O indicating 1942 as the year of manufacture. The original owners service number is also stamped inside the waistband in purple ink and could potentially be traceable.

The condition of the trousers is fantastic as can be seen in the photographs. The serge is still a deep blue colour and the nap is very good. These have not been heavily worn or washed and still look as good today as when they were made.

Wartime examples of these trousers are now becoming very hard to find particularly in such good condition and with their original labels and all the correct stamps.

These trousers would undoubtedly compliment any wartime RAF collection.

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1943 Dated RAF Officers Crombie Overcoat

A beautiful 1943 dated RAF Officers overcoat made from a Crombie material.

These coats area usually made from a thick serge but this example is interesting because it is made from a much softer material with a high pile that is similar to 'teddy bear' coats of the 1930s.

The coat was made by 'Collier & Stanley' of Manchester in 1943 for a Pilot Officer and features an original set of Pilot Officers shoulder boards, a full set of original brass Kings crown buttons and the correct brass waist buckle. Inside the neck is also a nice brass hanging chain which is original to the coat.

The greatcoat comes complete with two original rank boards mounted on each shoulder which have a single stripe which denotes pilot officer rank.

The overall condition of the greatcoat is very good as can be seen in the pictures. There are some areas which show light moth grazing, but this is only noticeable on close inspection. I have taken a close up picture to illustrate this.

The coat is a small size and will fit a 34-36" chest but no bigger.

A very complete and original greatcoat with a nice wartime date. This would be ideal for a re-enactor or collector.

Code: 50457Price: 145.00 GBP

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WW2 British Made Weapon Sleeve

A webbing weapon sleeve dated from around the Second World War which is most likely for a carbine or sub machine gun.

The case is made of typical wartime webbing and features brass fittings. There are no stamps or markings I can see but it is without a doubt a period item.

It could be for a British or American weapon.

Code: 50466Price: 45.00 GBP

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1954 Dated Royal Navy Khaki Kit Bag

An original 1954 dated khaki coloured Royal Naval kit big.

These RN kit bags are much larger than their Army and RAF counterparts and you can really fit a lot in them!

The bag is clearly dated 1954 inside and also bares the makers mark. Although postwar dated, this bag is identical to those used during the Second World War.

The outside of the bag has various markings relating to the original owner.

The original cord is still present in the top of the bag and runs through brass eyelets which again are all present and correct.

A nice kit bag which would be ideal for a display or similar.

Code: 50471Price: 20.00 GBP

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