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Rare Original 1937/8 Dated Warrant Officers Service Dress Tunic

A scarce original inter-war example of a British Army Warrant Officers tunic in good condition and dated 1937/8.

This rare tunic is made from a high quality khaki green whipcord and features a stand and fall collar which has been stitched down for smartness, pleated chest pockets with scalloped pocket flaps, lower bellows pockets and a cavalry cuff. Apart from the insignia the tunic looks very much like a pre Great War tunic in cut and material.

What is particularly nice about this tunic is that all the brass parts match very well and all have the same patina. There is no doubt in my mind that this tunic has always been together and has not been altered in later years. A good example of this is how the Royal Artillery brass 'RA' badges are fitted. There are only two holes on each epaulet and they have been hand sewn specifically to fit these badges. The tunic has never been fitted with any other insignia and is therefore a genuine un-touched example. The same can be said of the collar badges.

The original label is still present and is extremely clear. It has very specific information pertaining to fit, especially when compared to regular issue items. As well as this it 'Jacket S.D' with ' W.O. Class. 1' which appears to be a later addition. It is again marked this time with 'Garrison Adjutant' which is an interesting addition. The manufactures name 'The Rego Clothiers LTD' is marked along the bottom as is the curious date of 1937/8. The Rego Clothiers were a prolific manufacturer of uniforms for the British during the pre-war and early war period.

The overall condition of the tunic is good and it displays well. The lining appear clean with no serious signs of wear or use. The exterior is tidy but does have a few light moth tracks and some holes. I have attempted to detail these as best I can in the pictures so please take time to study them.

All in all, a rare early example of this pattern of tunic. The label makes this a fantastic collectable in its own right and it is certainly a must have for the serious BEF or early WW2 collector.

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Original US Second Pattern M43 Trousers

An original pair of US second pattern M43 trousers as worn during the Second World War and Korean War.

This pattern of trousers came into issue with the US Army in the latter stages of the Second World War and stayed in service for a number of years. They are made from a heavy wearing cotton material in an OD shade and feature a wide leg, hip pockets, two rear pockets and a waistband with belt loops. Standard 13 star buttons can be found in the fly and on the waistband.

The trousers have no markings that I can find. The original issue label is still present to the rear of one of the pocket bags but is washed out - As is often the case.

When laid flat the trousers measure -

Waist - 18"
Rise - 13 1/2"
Rear Rise - 18 1/2"
Inside leg - 29"
Cuff - 10"

The condition of the trousers is good but they have seen use showing signs of staining etc. They are structurally sound and wearable but please study the pictures as these form part of the description.

Altogether a nice pair of late war trousers in wearable condition.

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Original 1940s Khaki Drill Shorts by 'Gamages'
An original pair of British Khaki Drill shorts made by 'Gamages' in good condition.

These shorts are typical of those worn during the 1940s and 1950s by both military personal and civillans. They were made by 'Gamages' of Holborn, London, who were a prolific manufacturer of such items in the inter-war period as well as the immediate post-war era. This type of shorts were popular with men in the summer but could also be a private purchase pair bought by an Officer for use in the Army, Air Force or Navy serving overseas.

The shorts feature a pleated front and a narrow waistband with belt loops. Tabs can be found on either hip which are attached with a piece of elastic and allow the shorts to be pulled in at the waist. This is a typical period feature.

Two labels can be found inside the shorts and are both undoubtedly original. The first is the standard Sanfarized label seen during this period whilst the second is the makers label which reads 'Gamages, Holborn'.

The shorts have an adjustable waist allowing an inch or so movement and should fit around a 32-34" waist. When laid flat and at their largest size they meaure -

Waist - 14"
Rise - 14 1/2"
Rear rise - 19 1/2"

The conditon of the shorts is reasonable for thier age but they do show signs of wear, as detailed in the photographs. Please study the pictures as these form part of the description.

A nice original pair of KD shorts with some wear etc in a good wearable size.

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Original RAF OA Tunic Belt

A hard to find example of an RAF OA tunic belt in good condition complete with its original brass buckle.

The belt measures 39” long and has three sets of holes at 35”, 36” and 37” so should fit around a 34-35” waist potentially.

The overall condition is good for its age and there is no wear or damage that I can find.

A hard to find original piece of RAF uniform.

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Rare original RAF Ordinary Airman's Shirt

A rare original RAF Ordinary Airman's full button shirt often referred to as 'Canadian Pattern' in excellent condition.

These full button examples were used during the Second World War by men of the Royal Canadian Air Force rather than the half button front type which were used by the RAF. This could be a wartime example or more likely post-war as the RAF changed to this style in the immediate post-war years. Either way, it is still a rare shirt to find today and this one is an exceptional example.

These Ordinary Airman's shirts are noticeably different to the Officers versions which are more commonly found on the market as they are a much darker shade of blue. This is the correct shirt to match a uniform of any RAF airman of the rank of Flight Sergeant and below.

This particular example is in good condition for its age are no rips or tears. There is some staining however, most likely from storage so please study the pictures.

The shirt is a hard to find size with a large neckband. It came with two collars (listed below) which are size 16 1/2" and fit the shirt well. The chest measures at 23" pit to pit so should fit a 38-42" chest depending on desired fit.

The markings in the shirt collar are still present although somewhat faint. Part of the contract number can be seen along with other markings but nothing to clear.

A hard to find shirt in good condition in a larger wearable size.

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Original RAF Ordinary Airman's Collar - Size 16 1/2

An original RAF OA collar as worn with the Ordinary Airman's Shirt in a large size 16 1/2".

These shirts were worn with both the battledress and Ordinary Airman's four pocket tunic and were a darker blue than those worn by officers.

Free UK postage and packaging.

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Scarce Original RAF OA Tie by 'F. S. & Co Ltd'

An extremely scarce example of an RAF Ordinary Airman’s tie complete with its original label.

The construction of the tie is typical of the period being made from a single piece of fabric. It is very short in length which again is standard for 1940s ties and has a partial hessian liner like all issue ties.

The tie still retains its original label which is bright and clearly legible. It features the makers name and War Department broad arrow mark.

The overall condition of the tie is very good and it displays well. There is a small amount of staining around where the knot would be tied as detailed in the third picture. This is only noticeable on close inspection and may not be visible when tied.

A very rare item which is a must have for any RAF collection and would certainly be very hard to better!

Free UK Postage.

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Original 1953 Dated British Army 'Jumpers, Heavy' - Size 3.

An scarce original 1952 pattern 'Jumpers, Heavy' clearly dated 1953 and marked as a size 3.

This pattern of Jumper came into issue in 1952 but was quickly replaced by the 1954 pattern which had additional cotton drill patches to the shoulders. Due to its short service life it is now arguably the rarest pattern of what are often referred to as 'Commando Sweaters'.

The jumper features khaki cotton drill trim to each cuff and re-enforcing around the neck in the same material. There is clear evidence on the elbows where the cotton drill reinforcing was originally but has since been removed. These are the correct features for the 1952 pattern jumper.

There are two holes in the front of the boat-shaped neck opening through which a cord would have originally been fitted to tighten the neck. This has clearly been removed or lost by the original owner.

Inside the jumper the original label is still present and reads 'Size 3, L.B. Ltd, 1953' and is followed by the War Department broad arrow marking.

The jumper will fit around a 36-38" chest as they are designed to stretch out and cling to the body at the same time.

When laid flat it measures -

Chest - 17 1/2" (19" when pulled)
Inside arm - 23 1/2"
Outside arm - 24"
Shoulders - 18"
Length - 25 1/2"

The condition of the jumper is good for its age and it displays well. It does have a number of holes as detailed in the pictures and wear around the neck. It is still a good wearable item none-the-less.

Altogether a good example of this scarce pattern of Korean War period knitwear.

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Original 1947 Dated RAF OA Trousers - Size 31

A good example of RAF Ordinary Airman's trousers dated 1947 but identical to wartime pattern.

This pattern of trousers came into use with the RAF during the 1930s and stayed in service well into the 1950s. The trousers feature a fishtail back, a slash pocket to each hip and black horn brace buttons around the outside of the trousers.

The original label is still present inside the trousers and nice and clear. It states 'Trousers, O.A. Size 31'. The 1947 date is in evidence as is the War Department broad arrow marking and manufactures name which in this instance is 'R.O.F Chorley'. The trousers are designed to fit up to a 38" waist and have a 32 1/2" inside leg according to the label. When laid flat they measure -

Waist - 18 3/4"
Inside leg - 31 1/2"

The overall condition of the trousers is good with only limited signs of wear and age. There is a small amount of staining but nothing that is no to be expected with a pair of vintage military issue trousers.

A good pair of trousers which would be ideal for a WW2 re-enactor or for a mannequin due to their larger size.

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Original WW2 US Navy N-3 HBT Cap

An original 1944 Dated US Navy Type N-3 HBT cap in a size 7 1/8.

Introduced as part of the HBT uniform in 1943 these caps saw issue during the Second World War with shore parties, construction battalions, amphibious units, combat, and security units amongst others.

It closely resembles the AAF A-3 Cap but doesn’t have the external AAF logo and has a reinforced peak which was flexible and meant it could be worn up or down.

Inside the cap still retains its original markings which are still clear and bright. The USN contract number is present and reads NZsx-74662. Below this the size is marked as 7 1/8.

The condition of the cap is reasonable for its age but it has seen a fair amount of use and us sun faded. There are also some rust spots as can be seen in the pictures. Overall the hat is sound and displays well.

A good original and worn example of an N3 cap.

Code: 51051Price: 65.00 GBP

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