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Original Early Battle of Britain Period RAF Albatross Insignia

An early matched pair of RAF Albatross sleeve badges as worn by all members of the RAF of the rank of Flight Sergeant and under.

This particular badges are the early embroidered examples which were used during the 1930's before being replaced in 1941 by the semi-embroidered design.

These badges are the correct badges for a Battle of Britain period uniform and would have be worn by Sergeant pilots during the battle.

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Original WW2 Albatross Sleeve Insignia - Semi Embroidered

A matched pair of RAF albatross sleeve insignia which have been removed from a uniform.

These badges are of wartime manufacture and are the correct size for either the OA four pocket tunic or the Battledress blouse.

The badges are in good condition and display well.

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Original WW2 Printed Leading Air Craftsman Sleeve Insignia

A nice matched pair of original WW2 printed RAF leading Aircraftsman badges as worn on the 4 pocket ordinary airmans tunic, the war service dress blouse and the greatcoat.

This particular pair are in good condition and are a perfect match. They have clearly been removed from the same uniform and show signs of where they were once stitched on. One is slightly more faded than the other.

All together, a nice matched pair of wartime LAC badges.

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Incredible 1940s Czechoslovakian Made Hooded blouson Climbing Smock

An incredible late 1940s Czechoslovakian made hooded blouson climbing smock with a zip front and elasticated waistband band cuffs.

The short cut of this jacket is typical of the period and gives it that ski jacket or blouson style which is so iconic and looks fantastic when worn with high waisted trousers. The hood is interesting as the zip is designed to zip up to the bottom of the wears face rather than there neck, meaning that the hood can form a tight seal around the face. When undone with the hood worn down this creates an excellent neck line.

The jacket is made from a lightweight gabardine cotton and features a Czechoslovakian made main zipper. The original label is also still present inside the jacket just below the neck line and is still clear and legible today. As well as the elasticated cuffs and waistband, there is a small tab and button at the bottom of the zipper which does up over the stopper.

A truly stunning and rare jacket from the late 1940s which would be an asset to any vintage menswear enthusiasts collection without any doubt!

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Original WW2 Period British Army Officers Cap By ‘Tres & Co’

A nice example of a British Army Officers Forage Cap by ‘Tress & Co’ in a large size 7 1/4.

These caps were used during the Great War by Officers (particularly those in the Royal Flying Corps) and became a popular alternative to the peaked cap during the Second World War.

This example is most likely a Second War example as most found these days date from that period. There is no date present, as there rarely is with private purchase uniform, but these caps were never really seen in use after the Second World War.

The overall condition of the cap is very good as can be seen in the photographs. The wool barathea used to make the body of the cap is mice with no rips, tears or signs of moth. The front of the cap features two General Service buttons which are in good condition.

There is evidence of a cap badge being attached to the cap at some stage which is only made evident by a small hole on the outside of the cap. Inside there is a mark where a cap badge slider has been.

The interior of the cap is quite good but does show signs of wear . This of course doesn't detract from how the cap displays. There is a makers label inside the cap which reads ‘Tress & Co London’.

The cap is a decent good size of about a 7 1/4. There is no size marked inside so this is approximate.

Overall, a nice example of a private purchase officers cap which would suit both the collector and the re-enactor equally.

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Original WW2 RAF Officers Side Cap - Size 6 7/8

An original World War Two RAF Officers Side Cap as worn by both Warrant Officers and Commissioned Officers during the Second World War.

These caps were a popular alternative to the peaked cap for RAF officers as they were much easier to store in a pocket or similar. They were worn throughout the war in all theatres.

The cap is pretty standard featuring a brass kings crown badge and two brass RAF buttons which is correct for WW2 examples. Inside the cap the original owner has added a safety pin to stop the cap gaping open at the top. This was a common thing to do at the time and a nice original period feature which adds to its character and story.

This example has clearly seen a lot of use and has that 'been there' look which is impossible to replicate. Whilst it is grubby it oozes character and really looks the part, arguably more so than a mint unissued example.

The cap is named inside to 'L. Bone' which may be traceable.

The cap is on the smaller side and is approximately a size 6 7/8.

Overall a very authentic cap which display really well and has clearly seen some action. If only it could talk!

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1940 Dated British Army Field Service Cap - Size 6 5/8

A mint unissued example of a British Army Field Service Cap clearly dated 1940.

This hat is the pattern introduced just prior to the Second World War and was worn up until it was replaced in 1944 by the General Service beret.

This particular example is in excellent in-issued condition and really is a collectors piece. Not only is it in unworn condition but it has never had a cap badge affixed and there has none of the holes or marks this would have left.

Inside the cap is extremely clean and the original markings are still virtually as they were the day the cap was made. The makers name 'A. J. Gelfer' is clear as is the 1940 date and War Department broad arrow mark. Interestingly the cap was made a size 6 7/8 and then factory re-stamped as a 6 5/8. This makes it interesting in its own right and arguably even more of a collectable.

Overall a stunning example of an FS cap which would truly be hard to better. This would look great as part of any WW2 British Army collection without a doubt.

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Rare 1945 Dated RAF Issue Black Socks

A scarce original pair of 1945 Dated RAF issue socks in new old stock in-issued condition, complete with their original makers label.

These rare socks are in incredible condition coming straight from an old army stores. They have never been worn or issued and this is reflected in the excellent condition they are in.

The socks are made from black wool and feature a white label stitched to the top of both socks. There is various information on the label including the 1945 date, makers name, size and more.

Both socks match in markings so are a true pair.

Original socks rarely come up for sale and when they do they are usually worn out. To find a pair in such excellent condition complete with all the markings is quite special and these would make an excellent addition to any RAF collection.

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Original WW2 Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Coloured Side Cap

A nice original WW2 Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers coloured side cap complete with an original Brass Kings crown cap badge.

This REME regimental coloured side cap features the correct combination of colours for this regiment and two brass kings crown general service buttons to the front.

The cap is in good condition and doesn't show any undue signs of wear. The interior is all original and is also in reasonable condition for its age.~

The exact size is unknown but it is an average size for the era and is around about a size 7.

Overall, a nice original WW2 coloured side cap which would make a great addition to a collection or suit a re-enactor interested in the REME.

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Original WW2 RAF Brass Flight Sergeant Crowns

A good matched pair of original WW2 period RAF flight sergeant brass rank crowns.

These crowns were worn on both the four pocket OA tunic and the Battledress blouse by aircrew and ground crew above the Sgt stripes on each arm.

Overall good condition complete with the pins and backing plates to the rear.

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