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Scarce orignal RAF OA tie

An extremely scarce example of an RAF Ordinary Airman’s tie complete with its original label.

The construction of the tie is typical of the period being made from a single piece and is unlined like modern ties. It is very short in length which again is standard for 1940s ties.

The tie still retains its original label which is bright and clearly legible. It features the makers name and War Department broad arrow mark.

The overall condition of the tie is excellent and it appears to be unissued.

A very rare item which is a must have for any RAF collection and would certainly be very hard to better!

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Original RAF Ordinary Airman’s Collarless Shirt

A rare original RAF Ordinary Airman's full button shirt often referred to as 'Canadian Pattern' in excellent condition.

These full button examples were used during the Second World War by men of the Royal Canadian Air Force rather than the half button front type which were used by the RAF. This could be a wartime example or more likely post-war as the RAF changed to this style in the immediate post-war years. Either way, it is still a rare shirt to find today and this one is an exceptional example.

These Ordinary Airman's shirts are noticeably different to the Officers versions which are more commonly found on the market as they are a much darker shade of blue. This is the correct shirt to match a uniform of any RAF airman of the rank of Flight Sergeant and below.

This particular example is an in-issued mint example which has been in strange for many years. The condition is excellent and there are no rips, tears of stains. The shirt does not appear to have been worn.

The shirt is a size 3 and has a 15” neck band which would be worn with a 15 1/2” collar which I have listed below.

The markings in the shirt collar are excellent and very clear. The makers name ‘Faulat, Belfast’ is stamped in one side and a stores code and the War Deparment broad arrow is in the other.

A hard to find shirt in excellent condition that would be hard to better!

Code: 50531Price: 80.00 GBP

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1951 Dated RAF Ordinary Airmans Collar - Size 15 1/2

An original RAF Ordinary Airmans Collar in a good wearable size 15 1/2.

These collars are distinctly different to those worn by officers being made from a darker material.

This particular example is dated 1951 and bares the War Department broad arrow mark as well as the size. It has also had the original owners name written into it.

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click for more images Home Guard Unifrom Grouping Including Battledress, Greatcoat, Forage Cap and paperwork - Albrighton Home Guard
A brilliant and rare example of a Home Guard uniform grouping named to Peter Price who was a private in the Albrighton Home Guard during the Second World War.

This grouping consists of battledress jacket and trousers, greatcoat, forage cap, two wartime booklet and an original picture of Peter Price wearing the battledress.

The blouse and trousers are both original 1940 pattern (often called 1937 by collectors). This pattern came into service during July 1940 and was used throughout the war. The blouse retains its original label which is still nice and clear and states size No.8 and the 1940 date can also be made out. The jacket also features original Home Guard shoulder titles on each shoulder and a red diamond on the lower right sleeve.

The condition of the blouse and trousers is bad with extensive wear and a number of large holes etc. It does display very well as a set non-the-less, but please study all the photographs carefully. The dressing pocket from the trousers has also been removed.

The greatcoat is an early 1939 pattern example which still retains a nice clear label as well as stamping. The coat is marked as a size 3 and bares the War Department arrow, but no date. This pattern was soon superseded by the 1940 pattern dismounted greatcoat however and is of early war manufacture without a doubt. There are some areas of fading on the greatcoat where it has been left hanging for many years. Apart from that the coat is in excellent condition and is complete with all of its original buttons etc. Inside the greatcoat is a name tag with the name 'Peter Price' in it.

The forage cap in this grouping also as a matching name tag, confirming the originality of this grouping. It also has a Kings Shropshire Light Infantry cap badge which was the badge worn by the Albrighton Home Guard. Inside the cap is marked as a good size 7 1/4. The cap is worn but displays well.

Also included with this grouping are two named pamphlets which belonged to Peter Price. The first is 'Air Raids' and the second is 'Spot them in the air', both of which Peter used during the war. As well as this is an original print of Peter wearing the uniform whilst serving with the Home Guard.

All in all, a fantastic grouping. Albeit somewhat worn and tatty in places, this is still an incredibly genuine Home Guard collection which displays nicely.

Code: 50525Price: 300.00 GBP

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Original WW2 RAF Brass Flight Sergeant Crowns

Original WW2 period RAF flight sergeant brass rank crowns with original pins and backing plates.

These crowns were worn on both the four pocket OA tunic and the Battledress blouse by aircrew and ground crew above the Sgt stripes on each arm.

A nice original set ideal for a badge collector or someone who wants to badge up a uniform with original badges.

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Original 1945 Dated USAAF A-14 Oxygen Mask and Microphone

An Original United States Army Air Force A-14 oxygen mask dated 1945 complete with its original microphone.

This pattern of oxygen mask came into use with the USAAF in 1943 and was the standard issue for fighter pilots and bomber crews until the end of the Second World War.

The mask was made by Ohio Chemical & Manufacturing company in January 1945 and is complete with its original microphone, rubber harness, quick release clip and corrugated rubber hose.

The overall condition of the mask is good and it displays well as can be seen in the pictures. Sadly the rubber harness has broken at some point though and this would need to be repaired if it was to be mounted on a flying helmet, although it can hang from one side of a helmet in its current state.

Overall a reasonably good wartime example of this pattern of oxygen mask complete with its original microphone which displays nicely.

Code: 50523Price: 150.00 GBP

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Original Private Purchase Sheepskin Lined Boots by 'Hawkins' - Size 10

An original pair of World War Two period private purchase sheepskin lined boots made by 'Hawkins' which closely resemble the RAF 1936 Pattern Flying Boots.

These boots were made in Northampton like many private purchase boots of the time and feature a sheepskin lining, leather soles, rubber heels and leather straps to the front of the boots. These are not to be confused with the post-war boots with the straps on the side of the boot which are often mis-sold as wartime.

Inside the boots there are two labels. One reads 'Hawkins, A Northampton Boot' which is very period and the other is a leather label, typical of those found on 1940s boots. The label states the style code as well as the size which is 10.

The overall condition of the boots is good but they have seen a lot of wear over the years. The sheepskin inside is mostly intact although there are some areas where it is missing. The leather outer of the boots is good and supple. Some of the black leather finish has worn through, particularly on the toes, to give them a nice aged patina. The leather straps at the top of the boots are both good and the black painted buckles, whilst missing some of their paint, function as they should. The rubber heels are recently replacements and the leather soles are well worn. There is a line across each sole which forms a join and this has split and been nailed back together again by a cobbler meaning that they are somewhat delicate. They are still wearable and display well but would perhaps benefit from a new sole if they were to be worn for re-enactment purposes.

Overall a nice pair of original period private purchase boots which display well and make a good stand in for the much more expensive Air Ministry Marked examples!

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Early First Pattern C-Type Flying Helmet - Size 2

A well used early first pattern C-type flying helmet labelled as a size no.2 which would be ideal as a project or display case piece.

This flying helmet features the extra inverted goggle straps, leather chin strap as well as the early type label. The helmet also only has two pop studs on each cheek rather than three which is a feature of early 1st pattern C-type flying helmets.

The helmet has had the rubber ear cups removed and a piece of leather added in, possibly during the war, but more likely postwar. Ear cups are available from certain suppliers so this could be returned to its orignal state with some time and effort.

The leather of the helmet is in reasonable condition but there are some areas of crazing. There is also a hole to the right of chin strap on the left cheek and the orignal 'Bennetts' buckle has been replaced with a period buckle.

The inside of the helmet is grubby but intact. The label is still clearly visible and states the helmet as a size 2 and bares the RAF stores reference code: 22C/450 below the Air Ministry crown Mark. Both ear donuts have tears to them, one on each side. The left hand one is larger but could possibly be repaired.

Early first pattern C-type flying helmets with all the features and a good label rarely turn up. This would be ideal for someone who wanted a project or just a display piece.

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Original 1938 Dated RAF Officers Greatcoat

A fine example of a World War Two period RAF Officers greatcoat in good condition and clearly dated 1938.

This style of greatcoat was worn by officers in the RAF from before the Second World War but was replaced immediately after with a new pattern, making this example the only acceptable pattern for a WW2 collector.

The coat is made from an RAF blue Crombie material and features a full waist belt and brass buckle, a 3 button cuff with brass RAF buttons, RAF buttons to the front and is lined inside with rayon.

The coat was made by 'E. Todd & Sons' of Barrow for a Dr. A. Ronald in 1938. It has a tailors label inside the neck which is black and another which is white and bares the owners details on this inside pocket.

The coat comes complete with its original Squadron Leader shoulder boards which appear to be original to the coat. They are in reasonable condition but one in particular shows signs of aging with one of the rank rings being stained. They are original however and have the correct brass kings crown buttons.

The greatcoat is a good size measuring at 21" from pit to pit meaning it should fit a 39-40" chest maximum.

A very early example of an Officers Greatcoat which would be an excellent addition to any Battle of Britain collection without a doubt.

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Original WW2 Era Royal Engineers Forage Cap

An original WW2 or Pre-war Royal Engineers coloured side cap complete with an original King George VI brass cap badge.

This style of cap was popular during the pre-war years as well as during the war and were worn for walking out. The construction and materials of this particular example are typical of those seen used in the 1930s and 40s and it is certainly not a later post-war example.

The cap is a deep navy blue with orange piping. The cap features an original brass cap badge and two brass general service buttons to the front.

The hat is on the small size and I would say no bigger than a 6 7/8.

The overall condition of the hat is very good as can be seen in the pictures. It clearly hasn't seen much use and has been well looked after.

All in all, a nice original hat that would make an excellent addition to any WW2 British Army collection.

Code: 50521Price: 60.00 GBP

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