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Rare WW2 WS18 Wireless Set Battery Strap ZN2141 by MECo

A scarce example of a WS18 Wireless set battery strap in mint in-issued condition made by MECo.

The strap features the correct brass fittings which are all in excellent condition as well as the MECo makers stamp and part number stamp which is ZN2141.

A rare piece and a must have for the wartime wireless enthusiast!

Code: 50438Price: 45.00 GBP

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Original WW2 RAF Warrant Officers Tropical Rank bracelet

An original WW2 RAF Warrant Officers tropical rank bracelet attributed to W/O E.W. Leefe 1684401 who was an Observer.

This item features a brass WO badge fitted to a piece of khaki drill material that is specifically designed for the badge. Such items were common in the Far and Middle East as they meant the owner could be in a state of undress but still display his rank.

The strap features hand stitched button holes and a metal buckle. There is some damage to one of the holes in the step and general wear and grubbiness as can be seen in the photographs.

Overall, a nice original item worthy of further research!

Free UK Postage.

Code: 50437Price: 22.00 GBP

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Scarce WW2 RAF Plastic Economy Flight Sergeant Rank Crowns

A Scarce matched pair of WW2 RAF plastic economy Flight Sergeant rank crowns as worn above the Sergeant stripe on the Battledress blouse, OA four pocket tunic and OA greatcoat.

These badges are made from a grey plastic and feature their original fibre backings. One side has a brass cotter pin whilst the other is held together with a piece of wire.

Altogether a nice matched pair of wartime economy badges that would be ideal as part of an RAF badge collection or would make a great addition to a period uniform.

Free UK Postage.

Code: 50436Price:

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Original 1950s Queens Crown RAF Pilots Wings

A fantastic original pair of 1950s Royal Air Force pilots wings in excellent uniform removed condition.

This beautiful pair of padded wings are feature off-white silk embroidery and a hessian back. They are very similar in construction to many Second World War period wings I have had so are without a doubt 1950s.

There are a few loose threads from where the wing has been removed from a uniform but aside from that it is in excellent condition.

A truly stunning wing for the early Jet Age period which would compliment any RAF collection or display.

Free UK Shipping.

Code: 50435Price: 26.00 GBP

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Original USAAF Officers ‘50 Missions’ Crusher Cap

A beautiful original USAAF ‘50 missions’ Crusher cap as worn by aviators in the U.S. Army Air Force during the Second World War.

This style of cap is referred to as a ‘50 missions’ cap due to its crushed shape and were popular with airman as a cap of this shape was suppose to mark out a veteran. Many companies started producing this style of cap during the war due to the demand.

This cap is a true 'crusher' as the peak is flexible and can be folded together. These caps are the most sort after style of American Officers cap today. This is not a standard service cap which has had the wire stiffener removed etc, but a hat made in the crusher style.

The main body of the hat is made from a olive drab wool elastique material referred to as shade OD51 and is in excellent condition with no signs of mothing. The interior is lined with a gold rayon which shows signs of heavy wear. The leather sweatband is intact but some of the stitching has come away towards the rear but this could be repaired.

The cap badge and buttons are all original, as is the chinstrap. All are in excellent condition. The peak has some scuffs to the top side and lots of soiling to the underside where it has been handled.

There is an officers name written in ink to the underside of the peak which I have yet to decipher but proves that it is a periodnissued item none-the-less.

The cap is roughly a size 7 and it fits well on a standard size display head.

Overall, a fantastic original cap which would is truely a ‘50 missions’ example. It would compliment any collection or be ideal for a re-enactor who wants ‘the real deal’.

Code: 50427Price: 185.00 GBP

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Original WW2 Fleet Air Arm / Royal Navy Chief Petty Officers Peaked Cap (2)

A lovely original Royal Navy Chief Petty Officers Cap as worn in the Fleet Air Arm during the Second World War.

This cap is genuine period example featuring a green underside to the peak, a quilted lining and a narrow chin strap which are all features usually associated with pre-war or early-war peaked caps.

The cap features a fantastic original cap badge with a kings crown which is in great condition as is the mohair band that it’s attached to.

The overall condition of the cap is extremely good and if it has been issued at any point then it has only had light wear. The black wool is in excellent condition with no signs of damage, the interior and leather sweatband are very clean, the peak is good and both the original cloth covered buttons which hold the chinstrap on are intact. The only small flaw is smal amount of damage to the green material underneath the peak which is clearly shown in the photographs.

The cap is a size 6 7/8 so should fit on a standard display head well.

All in all, a lovely original wartime Royal Navy CPO hat which would be ideal for the re-enactor or collector.

Code: 50424Price: 65.00 GBP

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Scarce 1942 Dated South African Made RAF SAAF Officers KD tunic

A rare example of a South African made RAF Officers tunic, clearly dated 1941.

This early war tunic was made for an Officer in the RAF featuring RAF style scalloped pockets and no holes on the epaulettes or collar for badges which an army issue tunic would have. Best described as a bush jacket, this original item features short sleeves and an open faced collar.

The buttons appear to be original to the tunic and are stitched next to machined holes which can be used to secure removable buttons. It was common for members of the RAF to remove the original buttons and add RAF Brass buttons to tunics such as this as they could be removed for washing.

Inside the tunic is clearly dated 1942 and also features the South African War Department broad arrow which is surround by a U. It also states the size as being 14 1/2 (reference to the neck size) but as this would be worn open it is really irrelevant.

The tunic is also marked 40 inside which almost certainly denotes the size. Overall, the size appears to be quite generous, particularly in the waist.

There are belt loops on each hip for a waist belt but none is included in the sale of this rare jacket. I do have the correct RAF buckles for the belt and can include one for an extra £5.

Overall, a very rare early RAF tunic with a nice clear date which would compliment and WW2 RAF collection without a doubt.

Code: 50425Price: 75.00 GBP

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Original 1970 Dated RAF MK 7A Flying Suit (Jungle Green) and Original Box

An original RAF MK 7A Suits Flying (Jungle Green) dated 1970 in a big size 8 complete with patches, whistle and its original cardboard stores box.

The flying suit was made by Howard Flint Ltd and packed in January 1968 according to the information on the original cardboard box. The suit itself has an ink issue stamp for 1970, but issue stamps are usually later than the manufacture date.

The suit is a very large size 8 which will someone between 6' and 6'3" tall.

The original owner appears to have been an RAF parachute instructor judging by the badges on the suit which appear to be original. To the left sleeve is a large printed No.1 Parachute Training School patch and inside the right thigh pocket are instructions on parachute training. On the left sleeve is a U.S. Air Force patch which was most likely given to the original owner whilst working with the USAF and below this is another patch which I have yet to identify.

The suit features a white plastic ACME whistle on a nylon cord which is stored in the top right zipped breast pocket. On the left sleeve is a pen holder with an original period metal pen clip still attached.

The suit features chrome plated 'NZ' zips all round which work well.

The original box is also included in the sale and has clearly always been kept with the suit. The box is in good condition for its age and displays well.

All in all, a very original flying suit with some interesting history in a very generous size. The addition of the original cardboard box makes this a true collectors piece and would it would certainly compliment and RAF collection.

Code: 50415Price: 65.00 GBP

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Original 1941 Dated British Army MK VI Chest Respirator Gas Mask

An original British Army MK VI Chest Respirator and Haversack with all 1941 dated parts.

This gas mask features a MK VI chest respirator haversack made from duck cotton canvas which is an unusual variant only made for a few months during 1940-41. It features all brass fittings and brass pop studs which are all in good condition. Inside the flap the date, 1941, is stamped and the original owner has written his name, 'Fellows', in ink.

The haversack also retains its original string cord which is used to fasten the respirator to the chest when worn at the 'Alert' position. This cord is often missing or broken from bags offered for sale.

The mask consists of a black rubber face piece dated February 1941, April 1941 dated head straps and a 1940 dated green painted mouth piece. These masks were made in factories from parts bins so not all the dates will match exactly on an authentic gas mask, and this is no exception and was probably issued in mid 1941.

The hose is of the early stocking covered variety and is in good condition as is the brick red canister which is also clearly dated 1941.

Overall a nice original set which has clearly always been together. It would make a great addition to any collection and would also be well suited to re-enactment.

Code: 50430Price: 60.00 GBP

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Pre War / Eary War RAF Officers Peaked Cap - Battle of Britain

A cracking example of a Pre-War RAF Officers peaked cap complete with an early pattern cap badge as worn during the Battle of Britain.

This rare cap is typical of early caps in shape and has all the features of a pre Second World War Cap including a narrow chin strap, an early teardrop shaped Officers cap badge and a deep leather sweatband to the interior.

The cap is made by ‘Bailey & Weatherill Ltd’ of Regent street as can be seen in the original label inside the cap. Many outfitter at this time night their caps from hatters and added their own label to be supplied with their uniforms, and this could well be an example of this.

The shape of the peak is also very much in keeping with the early style but interestingly doesn’t feature a green underside to it, which they commonly do, making this cap quite interesting in its own right.

The overall condition of the cap is excellent for its age as can be seen in the pictures and it certainly displays very well. The only problem with the cap is a couple of small holes to the top of the peak. This could be repaired if you so wished. There are also a couple of nips to the cap badge on the left hand side as you look at it, but this is only noticeable on very close inspection.

The cap is a small size, roughly a 6 3/4.

All in all, a fantastic early cap with all the features one would expect from such an item. It displays extremely well and would undoubtedly compliment any Battle of Britain collection!

Code: 50428Price: 185.00 GBP

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