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Original Early WW2 Era 'British Air Forces' Book

A beautiful early Second World War large format book about the RAF and other air forces complete with illustrations.

This book came to me with a uniform grouping which belonged to an RAF airman. The book almost certainly dates from the early war period as it only features photographs of early mark aircraft and the section on rank and badges does not include any of the trades which were created later in the war.

The book is beautifully illustrated and a very large format and was possibly aimed originally at boys. The section on badges and rank is particularly interesting, and there are many other pages with details of particular aircraft and so on.

All in all, a lovely original wartime piece which would be a great addition to any RAF collection.

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Original RAF Flying Helmet Jack Plug Connector

An original WW2 era RAF Flying Helmet Jacket plug as used on all flying helmets during the Second World War including the B-type, C,Type, D-type and E-type.

The bell plug has the correct markings 'Ref. No 10H/10991to the bakerlite bell shaped outside and all the original internals are intact.

The plug is in good clean condition with only one small chip to it. Part of the original wiring loom is still present as can be seen in the pictures.

A nice original item, ideal for somebody restoring an RAF flying helmet.

Free UK P+P

Code: 50398Price: 25.00 GBP

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1945 Dated RAF OA Forage Cap - Size 6 3/8 (2)

A 1945 dated example of the RAF Ordinary Airmans Forage Cap which is almost identical to another I currently have listed down to the size and makers mark!

This cap is in excellent condition and is only let down by to small moth holes to the badge side, hence why it is cheaper than the other example.

The blue serge is still a bright blue colour as it would have been when it came out of the factory. It has clearly never been washed or used.

The cap features two black bakerlite buttons to the front which were typical used on late-war production caps such as this. The cap badge is an original brass kings crown example.

Inside the blue indigo sweatband lining is excellent condition and bares the size stamp 6 3//8. This part of the cap is usually the most worn but this example shows no signs of wear!

The black lining of the cap is also in excellent condition and all of the original yellow stamping is still clear. This again is rarely fully intact as it is one of the first areas to wear. The date of 1945 is very clear as is the War Department broad arrow and the maker 'S & P Harris Ltd, Glasgow'.

All in all, a very nice original hat which would look great in any RAF collection.

Code: 50397Price: 40.00 GBP

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Pre WW2 Padded RAF Pilots Wings

A beautiful set of Pre Second World War RAF Pilots wings in excellent condition.

This original wing is padded example which was popular with pilots before and throughout the Second World War.

The construction of this wing is typical of pre war and wary war wings and would be ideal for a Battle of Britain display or uniform.

A truley fantastic wing which would undoubtedly be the pride of any collection.

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Post 1953 RAF Pilots Mess dress Bullion Wing

An original post 1953 RAF Officers Mess Dress pilots wing in good condition.

This small pattern wig was worn on the mess dress jacket and features a Queens Crown.

Free UK P+P.

Code: 50394Price: 15.00 GBP

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1950s RAF Warrant Officers Rank Badges

A good original post 1953 matched our of RAF Warrant Officers rank badges as worn on both the Battledress and Service Dress uniforms.

In good original condition and featuring a Queens crown.

Free UK P+P.

Code: 50395Price: 8.50 GBP

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1944 Dated Royal Army Service Corps 1940 Pattern Battledress Blosue

An incredibly original 1944 Dated Royal Army Service Corps Battledress Jacket in a generous size 13 with all original insignia.

This jacket is typical of those worn by men of the RASC during the fighting in Normandy and the subsequent advance through Europe. The blouse features printed RASC shoulder titles, felt Arm of Service stripes, corporal stripes and a marksman's badge to the lower portion of the left sleeve.

The wear on the jacket is typical of those which have survived a hard life of campaigning. The lining is sun bleached, the nap of the wool is well worn and the printed shoulder titles are fraying at the edges. All this comes together to make for an exceptionally original Battledress blouse which displays beautifully.

The tunic has also had darts added under the collar which was a common way that soldiers had their jackets altered. This pleat helps the jacket to sit much better when its worn and creates a much smarter look.

Inside the jacket the original label is still present although it is somewhat faded. The size, No.13, is still clear but sadly the date is not legible. The War Department broad arrow stamped onto the cotton twill lining of the jacket is also very faded and being legible so it is impossible to tell exactly which year the jacket was made. It is without a doubt a wartime example and has the brown buttons which are always associated with early produced 1940 Pattern (austerity) blouses produced in 1942.

Overall, a truly fantastic and original Normandy period Battledress jacket with all original insignia which would be an excellent addition to any late-war British Army collection.

Code: 50387Price: 225.00 GBP

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Original WW2 RAF Officers Shirt + Collar

An original WW2 RAF officers shirt with matching collar in good useable condition.

This shirt is the correct half-fronted type with no chest pockets or epaulettes as worn throughout the Second World War. The shirt features a double cuff which is worn with cuff links and a detachable collar as is standard on wartime RAF officers shirts.

The collar which comes with the shirt is an authentic RAF example which bares the stores code 22B/445 as well as the War Departments broad arrow stamp. The collar is a size 15.

The shirt is in good condition for its age and displays well. There are however a few faults, namely the small amount of wear to each cuff where they have been folded back and a few marks. These are under the armpits and another to the tail of the shirt and are only noticeable on close inspection. The buttons are also missing from the front of the shirt but these are easily sourced.

Overall a very nice example of an authentic WW2 RAF Officers shirt and collar. These are becoming increasingly hard to find and are much rarer than the post-war examples which have chest pockets and epaulettes.

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Original WW2 RAF MK VIII Flying Goggles

An original pair of MK VIII RAF Flying goggles in good condition with the larger leather padding often associated with early MK VIII Goggles.

The MK VIII goggles are arguably the most iconic of all RAF goggles, coming into service during 1943 and stay in use with the RAF until the 1960s.

These goggles are in great shape for their age as can be seen in the photographs. The large leather pads are in good condition and all the stitching appears to be strong all round.

The elastic strap is good and still retains its elasticity and isnít worn out and stretched like many offered on the market. The metal adjuster has corroded slightly but both the leather pull tabs are still intact and in good condition.

The brass frames are in good condition and retain most of their original blue paint. The chamois backing of the goggles is also good showing signs of use but nothing too excessive. The tapes between the two eye pads are also in good condition and the lenses are very good but with only slight signs of

An excellent original pair of WW2 RAF goggles in great condition and they would make an excellent display piece without a doubt.

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Original WW2 British Army Jungle Green Battledress

An original WW2 Jungle Green airtex blouse as used in the Far East by the British Army and RAF in the last two years of the war.

This airtext jacket is Indian made as was the case with a huge amount of the clothing and equipment which was supplied to those men fighting in the Far East. The jacket features typical Indian style stamps including the size, 6, and the circular makers date mark, which is sadly to faded to be read. This said, I can guarantee that This is a wartime example none-the-less.

The jacket has the type of buttons only ever found on wartime Indian made clothing. They are all in good condition except one on the front which is chipped and another is missing from one of the cuffs.

The overall condition of the jacket is good but it has clearly had a lot of wear. The collar is particularly worn as can be seen in the pictures. This said, the jacket still displays nicely.

There is no waist buckle with this jacket but I can supply one for an extra £5.

Overall a nice example of a wartime jungle green airtex Battledress jacket that would compliment any British Army collection.

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