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Original 1954 Dated 'Suits, S.B. 2 Piece Air Travel'

An original British military issue lightweight grey flannel suit dating from 1954.

The exact origin of these suits is still somewhat of a mystery. Clearly an issue item as both jacket and trousers feature standard War Department labels; who these were actually issued to is not know. Clearly it was for men who needed to travel in plain clothes when going abroad as made clear by the 'air travel' part of the label and the lightweight half lined construction of the jacket.

The suit is made from a lightweight grey flannel material typical of the era. The cut of the jacket is very traditional and would certainly pass for 1940s if not slightly earlier. It features a three button front and a lapel which is typical of the 1930-40s. The interior of the jacket is half lined with rayon and features the War Department issue label inside the pocket.

The trousers are made from the same material and have a button fly, waist adjusters, slash pockets, a ticket pocket and belt loops. All these features are typical of those which one would expect to find on a suit of this period. Again the original issue label is present to the interior and a purple ink stamp, similar to those found on demob suits, can be seen on the rear of one of the pocket bags. This stamp is also present in the sleeve lining of the jacket.

The sizes of the suit are clearly stated on the labels but the trousers have been taken in. This has been done well and they could easily be let back out to their original size if you so wished. When laid flat the suit measures -
Chest - 20"
Inside arm - 19"
Outside arm - 26"
Shoulders - 16 1/2"
Length at back - 31"

Waist - 15 3/4"
Inside Leg - 30 1/2"
Rise - 14 1/2"
Rear Rise - 18"
Cuff width - 9"

The condition of the suit is good for its age but it does have a couple of flaw, namely towards the bottom of the trouser legs as shown in the photographs. There is also a small period repair to the seat of the trousers although this is hardly noticeable. The jacket is very good with just one small moth nip to the upper right sleeve. The sleeve lining has also come away slightly inside the jacket as is common with vintage suits. It just needs a couple of tacks to put it back to where it was originally.

Overall this is a very nice period suit which displays very well. The military labelling makes it a collectable in its own right an certainly this would make an interesting addition to any collection and would always be an interesting talking point.

More photographs are available upon request.

Code: 50956Price: 225.00 GBP

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Original WW2 British Khaki Drill Tunic

An original WW2 period British Officers Khaki Drill tunic with short sleeves.

This pattern of tunic is typical of these made during the Second World War. It is made from a khaki drill fabric, features removable buttons and scalloped pockets making it ideal for an RAF impression. Interestingly the tunic has been fitted with revolving shank buttons as fitted to workwear and denim battledress of the period. It is possible that an officer may use these instead of brass regimental buttons for a number of reasons.

The tunic features extra holes for the provision of fitting shoulder boards to display rank. There are two more hand stitched button holes above the left breast pocket. I am not entirely sure what these are for but it could be to display a badge, possibly an RAF Aircrew brevet or similar. This would tie in with the scalloped pockets.

The tunic is a small size and will fit someone of around a 36” chest. When laid flat the jacket measures -

Chest - 18 1/2”
Shoulders - 17”
Length at back - 33”

The condition of the tunic is good with no signs of excessive wear, laundering or use. It is however a 70+ year old item so may have issues consummate with this. Generally speaking it displays very well.

A nice original tunic which would suit the re-enactor and collector equally.

Code: 50962Price: 70.00 GBP

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Original 1940s Three Button Undershirt - Medium

An original mid-century men’s wool three button undershirt, most likely dating from the 1940s and in a large size.

This style of undergarment was popular with men for many years before slowly being replaced in favour of more modern equivalents by the 1960s. This particular example could easily date from the 1930s to the 1950s. The style however remains unchanged with the three button front and wool material being identical to earlier examples.

The top is a good larger size which are now very hard to find. It measures at 21” pit to pit and 22 1/2” between the shoulder seams. I would suggest it would be a good fit on someone of around a 40-42” chest.

The condition of the shirt is good for its age but it does have signs of wear and age, as is to be excepted of an item of this age. There is also some wear under the left sleeve as shown in the pictures supplied. This could potentially be repaired without too much trouble.

All in all a decent example of a mid-century undershirt in a harder to find larger size.

Code: 50976Price: 45.00 GBP

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Original 1941 Dated British Army 1940 Pattern Battledress Blouse

An original 1940 pattern British Army battledress dated 1941 as used from 1940 until the end of the Second World War.

This pattern of battledress came into issue with the British Army in mid 1940 and was the standard pattern made until superseded by the austerity pattern in 1942. This pattern saw issue in all theatres of war throughout the Second World War and is commonly seen in period photographs.

This particular example features two interior pockets making it an earlier production example, most likely dating from very early 1941. It features the early wire waist buckle and revolving shank buttons are fitted to secure the epaulettes.

The original label is no longer present inside the jacket but the War Department broad arrow marking is and is surmounted by the letter ‘P’ which denotes 1941 as the year of manufacture. The lack of label also means the size isn’t in the jacket but when laid flat it measures -

Chest - 21”
Waist - 16”
Inside arm - 16 1/2”
Outside arm - 23”
Shoulders - 16 1/2”
Length - 22”

The condition of the jacket is reasonable for its age and it displays well. It does have a number of holes however, mainly to the sleeves and the rear with a coupe present to the front of the blouse. Please study the pictures as this forms part of the description.

Altogether a good example of an early war Battledress blouse. Whilst not the finest example this is reflected in the price and it would make a good jacket for a re-enactor looking to use original BD or a collector who wants a ‘field used’ looking jacket.

Code: 50972Price: 120.00 GBP

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Original 1954 Dated RAF H-Type Oxygen Mask - Size Medium

An original H Type Oxygen Mask dated April 1954 complete with a type 54 microphone in a size medium

This pattern of oxygen mask came into issue with the RAF in late 1944 and saw Issue well into the post war years. This particular example dates from the mid 1950s but is fitted with the large wartime pattern mic so would be usable for a late war scenario. It would also be ideal for an early Jet-Age period collection

The mask is in good condition for its age as can be seen in the photographs but does have some signs of cracking to the rubber. The rubber face piece shows signs of use and handling and is typical of what a mask would have looked like on active service. The interior features the chamois lining and all the metalwork is in good condition.

All in all a nice example of an H-Type oxygen mask which would make a good addition to any aviation collection.

Code: 50965Price: 80.00 GBP

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Original Great War British Army Webbing Trousers Belt

An original British Army webbing waist belt dating from the Great War.

This pattern of belt was used around the waist of trousers during the Great War and can be seen in various period photographs. This particular example features metal work and webbing which is typical of Great War period items.

The makers name and date is marked to the interior but has worn away with time making it hard to read today. The manufacturer is most likely ‘MW&S’ and the date looks to be 1918, although this is all very faint.

All in all a nice original Great War period belt which would make a good addition to a collection.

Code: 50970Price: 38.00 GBP

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Original 1940s French Military Issue Wool Cyclist Jacket

An original French wool blouson cyclists jacket dating from the 1940s.

This style of cycling jacket became very popular in France during the 1930s and stayed popular throughout the next decade. Cycling was a favoured pastime in France during this period meaning that this style was very much in vogue. This particular example features stamps in the waistband which look like French military stamps so it is not necessarily a civilian item, although it certainly looks like one.

The jacket features a button front and two patch pockets as was common with this type of jacket during this period. It has a separate waijstbandand cuffs allowing the body and the sleeves to blouse out above them. The collar is typically French as is the colour of the wool. The buttons are a collection of mis-matched examples all dating from the period when it was made. The jacket clearly saw heavy use having had buttons replaced as they fell off. The jacket also features period darns and repairs which reflect this.

The jacket is a small size and when laid flat measures -

Chest - 20”
Waist - 15 3/4”
Inside arm - 17”
Outside arm - 21 1/2”
Shoulders - 17”
Length - 21”

The jacket is in well used condition as previously mentioned. It was clearly well worn at the time and has period repairs. Please study the pictures provided as they form part of the description and remember that this is a re-worn 70 year old or more jacket!

All in all a stunning early jacket which would make an excellent addition to anyone’s wardrobe or collection.

Code: 50967Price: 225.00 GBP

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Original RAF MK VIII Flying Goggles

An original pair of MK VIII Flying Goggles as used by the RAF During the Second World War.

These goggles are arguably the most iconic of all RAF goggles and saw use with aircrews from 1942 well into the post-war years. They also saw action with USAAF crews, Fleet Air Arm and Coastal Command amongst others.

This particular pair are in good condition and still retain the majority of their original blue paint to the brass frames. The leather pads are nice and most of the stitching appears strong. The chamois backing shows signs of use and wear as is to be expected.

The elastic strap features its original metalwork and the leather tabbed pullers are still intact. The actual elastic section has been sympathetically replaced with new elastic which is a good match in colour for the original.

Altogether a nice pair of MK VIII goggles which display well and would make a good addition to any RAF collection.

Code: 50959Price: 100.00 GBP

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Original WW2 British Army Bombay Bloomers

An original pair of British Army Khaki Drill Bombay Bloomers as worn in the early part of the Second World War.

Original Bombay Bloomers are very rare to find today and rarely come onto the market. This pair appear to be a private purchase example which have a false turn-up to give the impression of having a folding section. It is possible that the original owner had them made in this fashion as he wanted the style without the functioning turn-up.

The shorts feature a double pleased front, a button fly, waist adjusters and belt loops around the waist. The pocket bags are made from the short of material typically found on KD items of this period.

The shorts should be a good fit on someone of around a 30” was it but have room to be let out to a larger size, as can be seen in the picture showing the interior of the shorts. When laid flat they measure -

Waist - 15”
Inside leg - 11 1/2”
Rise - 13”
Rear rise - 18”

The shorts are in good condition and display well showing only limited signs of wear. Please study the pictures as these form part of the description.

All in all a nice pair of original khaki drill shorts in good condition. Ideal for the collector and re-enactor alike!

Code: 50971Price: 95.00 GBP

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Original Royal Norfolk Regiment Officers Coloured Field Service Cap

An original Royal Norfolk Regiment officers coloured field service cap dating from the Second World War.

These coloured service caps were popular private purchase items during the Second World War as well as in the 1930s. This particular example is an officers quality example and is very nicely made. It is made from a black wool and features yellow piping as well as a yellow crown. The front retains two original Royal Norfolk Regiment embossed buttons of an interesting pattern and the side of the cap has a small silver coloured cap badge.

The interior of the cap is typical of the period featuring a rayon lining and velvet headband.

The hat is a good size measuring around 12” long. I estimate it to be a size 7 1/4 - 7 3/8.

The cap is in nice condition and displays well. The yellow section to the top of the hat has suffered slightly from moth damage though as is detailed in the photographs.

Altogether a nice private purchase cap to a county regiment which would make an excellent addition to any collection.

Code: 50979Price: 75.00 GBP

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