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Original 1940 Dated RAF Warrant Officers FS Cap

An early Battle of Britain period example of an RAF Warrant Officers / Officers Field Service side cap in stunning condition and clearly dated 1940.

This original hat is in stunning condition and doesn’t appear to have ever been worn! It features the early white tape style label to the interior which bares the 1940 contract number as well as the 1940 date. As well as this it features a War Department Issue stamp which is surmounted by the letter ‘O’ which denotes 1942 as the year of manufacture. The isnalsp a purple ink size stamp to the label which states the size as 6 3/4.

The cap features a brass Officers pattern kings crown cap badge as well as two kings crown raf buttons to the front.

The condition of the cap is brilliant as already stated. The outside of the cap is still the deep blue colour it would have been when first issued and the interior is very clean with deep golden tones. All the labels and stamps are bright as they would have been at the time and there are no real signs of age or wear to the cap.

This cap really stands out and could certainly be described as a ‘sleeper’. The condition is fantastic and it is without a doubt a real collectors piece. This would be very hard to better!

Code: 50741Price: 95.00 GBP

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Original 1940 Dated RAF MKII Steel Helmet 2C

An original 1940 dated MKII Steel Helmet which came to be with a number of RAF items recently.

This helmet is a MKII Number 2C which is denoted by the three holes drilled in the side and means that it was not to be used by frontline troops. They did however see use with Home Guard, RAF and the Civil Defence which were all considered second line troops.

The helmet shell is stamped with the manufactures initials ‘J.S.S by one of the chin strap lugs who were a prolific maker in the early part of the war. The liner is clearly dated 1940 and made by ‘CCL’ and is a good size 7.

The shell itself is in good shape and still retains a reasonable amount of its original paint finish. The chin strap appears to be original to the helmet and is in good condition.

Overall this is a good original helmet with a nice early date And it would be an asset to any collection without a doubt.

Code: 50740Price: 75.00 GBP

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Original RAF Ordinary Airman’s Tunic Belt

A hard to find example of an RAF OA tunic belt in good condition complete with its original brass buckle.

The belt measures 37 1/2” in length overall. There are three sets of holes at 33”,34” and 35” so should fit any of these sizes well.

The overall condition is good for its age and there is no wear or damage that I can find. The original owner has stitched in a piece of white tape which bares his service number - a nice period feature.

Ideal for a reenactor or collector.

Free UK P+P

Code: 50742Price: 26.00 GBP

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Original 1944 Dated 9th Lancers Battledress Blouse

It's not very often that such an original battledress like this example turns up. Whilst there are many BD's out there with original insignia and others which were worn as best 'walking out' jackets, it is rare to find a jacket that clearly saw combat. This blouse is such an example and its originality and patina are truly glorious.

The jacket itself is a standard British Army 1940 Pattern (Austerity) Battledress Blouse made in 1944. The original label is still intact but is dirty and hard to read. The size can just be made out as '10' but sadly the date isn't visible. However there is an 'Anti Vesicant' or 'AV' stamp inside on the lining of the jacket which reads 7/44 which helps to date the jacket nicely. The 9th Lancers landed in Italy in mid 1944 and went into action on the Gothic Line in September which ties in perfectly with the date on the jacket.

The jacket features a good amount of its original insignia which has clearly always been in the jacket. The epaulets feature brass 'IXL' shoulder titles as were worn by this regiment, corporal stripes to each sleeve and the double arm of service stripes above this which were particular to this regiment. What is especially nice is the area above the AOS stripes where the shadow of an oval badge can be seen. This was clearly were the 1st Armoured Division badge was originally attached and was most likely removed to be worn on a KD slip-on on a shirt. This is just another detail that adds to this extremely original blouse. There is also evidence above one of the corporal stripes of a brass trade badge being worn at some point as can be seen in the photographs. A white lanyard is also present on the left shoulder and again is clearly original to the jacket.

The condition of the jacket is good and it displays nicely but this is an item that was worn during the Italian campaign and shows the signs of use expected. It is grubby but this only adds to its authenticity. There is some wear to the rear of the left sleeve where the lanyard has regularly rubbed against it showing that it has always been worn with the jacket. The collar has also been tailored by the original owner which is a nice period detail.

All in all a really amazing jacket that has really 'been there'. Jackets with this kind of originality and in this case Italian Campaign provenance are very scarce to find these days and this would make an excellent addition to any collection without a shadow of a doubt!

Code: 50739Price: 275.00 GBP

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Original 1944 Dated British Army 'Oversuit (Tank Crews)

An original 1944 Dated 'Oversuit (Tank Crews)' as worn by various armoured units in the later part of the Second World War.

These suits were issued to British Troops in the winter of 1944-45 to a variety of armoured units and feature heavily in photographs of the period. They were often referred to as 'Zoot Suits' at the time and in the post-war years as the 'Pixie Suit'.

This particular example is very complete. It still retains its original waist belt which are often missing and it features two original D.O.T zippers to fasten the front. All the pop studs appear to be intact and the original label is still present in the sleeve. The label states the size as No.4 which is a good size at the larger end of those issued.

The overall condition of the suit is good although it has clearly seen a lot of use and has numerous stains and some repairs to show this. Personally I think that this adds a huge amount to the character of the suit as it looks like an item that has 'been there' rather than a mint unissued example. It is still a useable, wearable suit and displays well.

Wartime examples such as this are hard to find now with many people opting for the cheaper, but still fairly scarce, post-war example which are very similar. Altogether this is a nice original suit and would make an excellent addition to a British Army collection.

Code: 50738Price: 245.00 GBP

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Original 1939 Dated RAF Ordinary Airman’s Forage Cap

An original Battle of Britain period RAF Ordinary Airman’s Field Service Cap clearly Dated 1939.

This original cap features an orignal brass RAF cap badge and two brass kings crown buttons to the front. Inside the cap has the early style long tape label which features the 1939 date as well as the /39 stores reference. The size is also marked inside once white and reads 6 3/4.

The condition of the cap is reasonable as can be seen in the photographs but it has suffered from some moth damage, particularly along the top edge. I have tried to photograph this as best as I can. Overall the cap still displays well.

All in all a reasonable wartime cap with a nice hard to find early date.

Code: 50736Price: 80.00 GBP

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Original 1945 Dated RAF Ordinary Airman’s Tunic With Sergeant Pilot Insignia

An original 1945 Dated RAF Ordinary Airman’s Tunic complete with its original belt and wartime insignia.

This tunic is the standard pattern worn by RAF Airmen up to the rank of Flight Sergeant throughout the war. This particular example comes with a full set of original insignia including a beautiful set of original flat type pilots wings, printed eagle badges to the top of each sleeve and a lovely set of original sergeant stripes.

Inside the tunic retains its original manufactures label which states the size as No.6 which will fit someone of 5’6” tall, 38-39” chest and a 35” waist. It also features the War Department broad arrow and the 1945 Dated.

The condition of the jacket is good as can be seen in the pictures. There are signs of age and dirt as the jacket clearly saw use at the time. As well as this there is one small moth hole to the rear but aside from that the jacket displays nicely.

Overall a nice original wartime jacket with a beautiful set of orignal wartime insignia which would compliment any RAF collection without a doubt.

Code: 50735Price: 195.00 GBP

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Original 1942 Dated RAF Ordinary Airman’s Trousers with AV Stamp

An original pair of 1942 Dated RAF Ordinary Airman’s Trousers with rare AV stamp.

This particular pair of trousers have the usual attributes which are associated with early war manufacture RAF OA Trousers. They feature a white lining and brass buttons to both the fly and around the top to fit braces.

Inside the trousers feature two sets of stamps to the white lined waistband. The first is the standard War Department broad arrow marking which is surmounted by the letter ‘O’ which denotes 1942 as the year of manufacture. As well as this a much rarer stamp can also be found, this time an Anti Vesicant stamp, or AV stamp. This marking signifies that the trousers were treated with an anti gas solution in February 1944. This was common at the time but rare to find now and certainly makes this pair of trousers a collectible in their own right.

The trousers measure as a 32” waist and 29” inside leg when laid flat.

The overall condition of the Trousers is good and they display well. There is some soiling to the white waistband and a couple of small moth holes to the crotch. I have included pictures of this and it has been taken into account in terms of price.

Altogether a nice pair of early war RAF trousers with rare markings. Ideal for both the collector and reenactor!

Code: 50737Price: 100.00 GBP

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Original 1945 Dated US 'Jacket, Field, Wool, O.D - Size 34

An original 1945 dated US Army ‘Jacket, Field , Wool, O.D’, often referred to as an Eisenhower Jacket or Ike Jacket.

This particular jacket features corporal stripes to each sleeve and has clearly had two patches removed from the top of the left sleeve which could have been airborne patches judging by the collar of the stitching. Two service chevrons can also be found towards the bottom of the left sleeve.

The tunic still retains all of its original labels including its size label in the back of the neck which reads 34R. The fitting label is also present in this area and the manufacture label can be found in the usual place. It again states the size as 34 Regular and the date of manufacture as the 6th of March 1945.

The overall condition of the jacket is very good as can be seen in the photographs and makes it ideal for both the collector and reenactor alike.

A nice original wartime American jacket.

Code: 50733Price: 50.00 GBP

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Original 1940 Dated US Enlisted Men's Tunic Troop Carrier - Size 36L

An original 1940 Dated US Army Enliated Men’s Tunic with Troop Carrier Command insignia in a size 36 Long.

This jacket features a Troop Carrier Command patch to the top of the left sleeve, sergeant stripes to each arm and a ruptured duck above the right breast pocket.

The jacket is named to ‘O’Neil’ inside and appears to have had another name previous to this. Inside one of the pockets the original label is still present and reads as a size 36 Long. It also states the manufacture date as December the 19th 1940 making this tunic and early manufactured example.

The overall condition of the tunic is good with some wear etc due to age.

Altogether a tunic which displays well and could suit a collector or reenactor.

Code: 50718Price: 50.00 GBP

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