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Original WW2 RAF Insignia Grouping to Wellington Pilot

An original Royal Air Force insignia grouping to Flight Lieutenant E. W. Catley117446 RAF Volunteer Reserve who flew Wellingtons during the Second World War.

F/L Catley was mentioned in the London Gazette in 1943 when he was gazetted FLight Lieutenant and I have attached a picture of this. He was also involved in a Wellington crash whilst training and the details are as follows -

03/09/1942 Wellington X9606 of 21 OTU flew into trees on approach to Edgehill. P/O E W Catley, Sgt J D Muir, P/O R Davis, Sgt J A Williams and Sgt H L McGill were injured. Sgt F Pettitt was killed.

The above information ties in nicely with the grouping and confirms it as a nice original wartime set.

The set consists of a nice padded RAF officers cap badge with kings crown. This is a worn example and is almost certainly the one he would have worn on his cap whilst on Ops. His dog tags are also included as are a number of his buttons. There is also some shrapnel which is marked 'Ex Wellington' and no doubt was kept with the badges for a reason. The nicest part of the grouping in my opinion is the lucky charm which is so typical of those worn during WW2, often tacked under the collar of the battledress blouse.

All in all a nice original set with some great wartime history!

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Original WW2 East Surrey Regiment Identity Discs - P.O.W

An original set of British Army Identity discs named to 'Sharpe, H, 618133' in good condition.

The regimental number suggests the H Sharpe joined up in the inter-war period or in the early stage of the Second World War. The number is part of a block allocated to the East Surrey Regiment.

Interestingly the dog tags are also stamped 'P.O.W' suggesting that Sharpe was captured and became a prisoner of war. It certainly makes this a more interesting set than are usually found.

The discs are in good condition with all the information still clearly legible. The string is clearly the original string which is another nice feature.

Altogether a nice original set of early Second World War identity discs.

Free UK P+P.

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Pre Second World War Coldstream Guards Officers Tunic and Trousers with BEF History

An original pre Second World War Coldstream Guards Officers No.1 Dress Tunic and trousers named to G.H. Briggs and dated 1938.

G H Briggs served with the 1st Battalion of the Coldstream guards and is recorded in their war diary as being a 2nd Lieutenant of No.2 Company when they embarked for France in September 1939. He is mentioned as billeting officer a few days later and again when his platoon took over outpost duties in Toufflers. I haven't researched his career any further than this but based on the fact he has added another pip to his tunic he must have come back from Dunkirk and carried on fighting with the 1st Battalion for some time.

This set was made by 'Meyer & Mortimer Ltd' of Conduit street London and is made up of a Guards pattern tunic and matching trousers. The button spacing on this tunic is specific to the guards as are the bullion embroidered rank stars on the shoulders. The tunic also features a cloth belt with a brass single pronged buckle and four buttons to each cuff.

The trousers are a typical cut for the period featuring a fishtail back, slash pockets to each hip and a button fly. Buttons for braces can also be found around the top of the lining and the makers label is present to the rear seam inside the trousers.

The overall condition of the set is good and it displays nicely as can be seen in the photographs. It does have some signs of wear and age which are evident in the picture but don't detract from the overall look.

A very nice pre-war set with some excellent history behind it. A must have for the pre-war or BEF British Army collector!

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Original 1940s Khaki Drill Shorts

An original pair of c.1940s British Khaki Drill shorts in good condition.

These shorts are typical of shorts manufactured in India, South Africa and other British Territories in the middle of the 20th Century. Due to the climate shorts and shirts made in lightweight cotton drill such as this were in great demand by both military personal and civilians. These shorts could well have been made for a British Officers in the Army, Navy or RAF as much as anybody else.

The construction is typical of that found in khaki drill items such as this; namely the materials used, the stitching and the buttons. Inside the shorts the original owners name tag is still present and reads 'John Senior'.

The shorts measure at 14 1/2" when laid flat so should be a good fit for a 28-29" waist.

The condition of the shorts is very good indeed. Original khaki drill items such as this are usually stained and dirty from use but these have survived very well. They are clean and fresh with only limited signs of wear.

Overall a very nice pair of original mid-century Khaki Drill shorts.

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Original 1939 Dated British Army MKII Steel Helmet

An early original British Army MKII Steel Helmet clearly dated 1939 and with the correct early liner.

The shell of this early helmet was made by 'F&L' in January 1939 and the interior retains the original chocolate brown factory finish. The exterior has been repainted a darker colour and the finish appears to be a period hand applied job. Many of these chocolate brown helmets were repainted during the war as the finish applied in the factory was a gloss which was reflective. There are accounts of men being order to sand down the paint on their helmets as well as others being told to repaint.

The liner is a nice early example with the round head pad as opposed to the later cruciform pattern which came into use in 1940. It was made by 'J.C.S & W Ltd' in 1939 making it almost certainly the original liner to the helmet. The markings are slightly faint but I believe it is marked as a size 7 above the makers name. The markings are more easy to read in person than they are in the photographs.

The helmet retains its early pattern large size liner screw and an original chin strap which also appears to be original to the helmet.

Altogether a nice early and very original Steel Helmet which would make a great addition to a helmet display or BEF collection.

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Original 1945 Dated British Made US Officers Map Case

A nice original British Made US Army Officers Map Case clearly dated 1945.

This original item was found amongst the possessions of a British Army Officer who served in the Far East during the Second World War.

Both the interior of the case and the strap bare the makers name, 'C.P. LTD', and the 1945 date, as well as the words 'British Made'.

The condition is good overall with various marks relating to age and use. All the metalwork is intact, showing some limited signs of rust and the 'lift the dot' fasteners work as they should.

A nice original British Made item that would make a good addition to any collection.

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Original WW2 British Army Officers Small Holdall

A small canvas Officers bag dating from the Second World War in reasonable condition.

I don't believe these bags to have a particular name or pattern but I have come across them before as part of British Army and RAF officers kits. This particular example came in a trunk of British Officers items which has not been opened since the war.

The bag is made from a lightweight khaki canvas and features a lightening zipper which is typical of the period and works as it should. It features two handles to the top and measures at 13 1/2" in length, 9" in height and 4" wide.

The side of the bag features the original owners name 'E.S. Ridley'.

The overall condition is good and it displays well as can be seen in the photographs. There is a small amount of stitching coming away at one end of the bag although this doesn't affect its functionality. There is also a small hole to the bottom.

A nice original guaranteed WW2 item ideal for a re-enactor or collector.

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Original WW2 British Army Officers Bambo Swagger Stick

An original British Army Officers Bamboo swagger stick dating from the Second World War.

This came to me with a number of other British Army officers items which have been stored in a trunk since WW2. It is undoubtedly and original period item which saw use at the time.

The swagger stick is typical of those carried by officers at the time in length and finish and is in good condition for its age.

This would make a good addition to any WW2 British Army officers kit collection for certain.

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Original WW2 RAF Pilots Wings - Flat Type

An original set of WW2 RAF Pilots wings in great condition.

This particular pair of wings are of the flat variety and were worn throughout the war on both the four pocket Ordinary Airman's tunic as we as the War Service Dress and Suits Aircrew battledress uniforms.

Overall a cracking set of wings.

Free UK postage.

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Original British Officer Atributed US Enlisted Menís Shirt

An original US Army Enlisted Menís Shirt which was used by a British Army Officer who served in the Far East during the Second World War.

This shirt started life as a standard issue US EM shirt but has been modified by a British Army Officer. It was common at the time for British officers to acquire American made items such as this and tailor them to their own needs.

This particular example is interesting as it appears to have been shortened and had some work done to the rear. Inside the original size stamp is still visible and reads Ď14 1/2 a 32í.

The condition of the shirt is reasonable and it displays well. There are a few small flaws which I have highlighted in the photographs.

All in all a nice orignal shirt that was worn during the Second World War without a doubt.

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